Top 5 Best Video Ad Networks List in India

The demand for video ads is growing. In the US, there has been a huge increase in the number of ads used in video advertising as products find it more effective by sharing their messages through video ads. Additionally, most brands have their own advertising budget for TV commercials that are slowly brought to online forums on YouTube. However, it seems that the YouTube list is not enough to meet their product needs and they want to identify additional websites. This has led to an increasing demand for streaming video ads and publishers are making good money with these ad formats. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 video ad networks in India that can help Indian bloggers and publishers to earn ad revenue by working with video ads.

Benefits of Publisher Video Ads
Video can bring some, perhaps unexpected, benefits to publishers. Video advertising, for example, involves five times more than advertising. This means that publishers can earn a lot of money by collecting their videos and can make a lot of money from it. However, more than 70% of publishers still do not provide video content, which costs them a considerable amount. Among the profits and lost revenue, publishers will not be able to grow their audience without a scheduled video offer.

Major Benefits: More Time Spent on Site: Video is more powerful and immersive and engaging than text or static text. However, most importantly, digital video is naturally mobile – as human beings. The amount of time people spend on mobile devices increased by 117% in 2015 compared to 2014, with the latest figures estimating that video will account for 70% of all mobile phones by 2021. speed is fast. Together, these things come together to create the most portable video experience to date.
Flexible Product Identity: Physical and symbolic text is one-sided when it comes to developing and developing a product personality. Visuals can certainly add another layer of engagement, but video has the potential to bring the publisher’s site alive and well again in establishing the next and most reliable continuous watching.
Top List of 10 Best Ad Ad Networks in India
Let’s take a look at these excellent video ad networks that can help Indian publishers to make money with their ads. These video ad networks provide a mix of in-stream video ads and external video ads. Instream prices are usually high and availability is very high in the world compared to external formats.

1) VDO.AI (Recommended Blognife)
Indigenous VDO.AI units are designed to be non-obtrusive and provide seamless video editing capabilities. Many publishers see more revenue from a single VDO.AI unit compared to more traditional banners and traditional units. IVDO.AI is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. With VDO.AI’s native video widget, you can see an increase of about 50% of your regular revenue on sites that are known for effective video advertising. Setup usually takes less than a day to start live once your site has been approved for the partners they want. Listed below are the benefits of joining VDO.AI

Easy integration using a single JavaScript
See an additional 50% of your regular income
One tag that offers video search from Google ADX, Appnexus, Sovrn, and other search platforms.
Generate high CPMs from native video ads
No player, video content or ad integration separately. Everything will be included in a simple js tag.
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2) Zinc by Zedo
Zinc is a native video platform developed by Zedo. Provides streaming video ads to most publishers throughout its network. Zinc’s In-Article video ads are slowly opening up, tapping into the news story and automatically adapting to the scope of the article. Designed to be a decent and intangible unit with a click-through rate of 2.5%. It has an 80% viewing index which is much higher than the industry average of 50%. Zinc has direct links with advertisers in India so it can be a very profitable network for Indian publishers.


Formats: Streaming video ads
Minimum Traffic Requirement: 1,00,000 page views approx
CPM Prices: $ 3 and up
Top Geos: US, India
Payment Terms: Please contact support at
Additional Information: Highly paid outdoor advertising for Indian traffic
Many publishers who use AdSense also have the option to monetize their website with “AdSense for video” ads. However, you need to associate your player with a demo ad and install the same application to get started. This can be a little technical. The authorization process takes time, but once approved you can use DFP to use video line material and monetize it.


Formats: In-stream video ads
Minimum Traffic Requirement: NA
CPM Prices: $ 3- $ 10
Top Geos: US, Global
Payment Terms: 21 NET days, minimum $ 100
Budget: 68% for publishers
Additional Information: The Google IMA SDK and video player integration is required to sign up
We’ve seen Ad Exchange videos perform well on certain sites. At Blognife, we are close to 70% of the total ad for video ads and have a fixed CPM of USD 12 and higher. Video CPMs rely heavily on high traffic and efficiency is hosted by Google. Therefore, it is very difficult to say CPM values ​​for your traffic and your site, however, prices are usually worth one tier.

Doubleclick Ad Exchange
Formats: In-stream video ads, in-stream video ads
Minimum Traffic Need: 300,000 page views per month
CPM Prices: $ 3 to $ 20
Top Geos: US, Global
Payment Terms: 30 NET days, minimum of $ 100
Revenue Allocation: 80% for Publishers (with Assigned Partner Share)
Additional Information: You need to set up your video player or you can use custom players provided by certified partners
Komli is known for providing video ad solutions to publishers. However, we do have limited information about the information