Truvid Review- A Complete Video Monetization Platform for Publishers

According to a Marketer study, digital video advertising used in the US alone will reach more than $ 22 billion by 2021 ($ 15 billion at present). Over the years, we have seen growing interest among advertisers when it comes to the collection of quality videos 1. The video ad industry is slowly adapting to this growing demand for quality video delivery! Program channels have also encouraged increased video advertising- as brilliant marketers want to use video as a way to use their marketing campaigns. Advertisers are now targeting popular websites for their access to their video campaigns as YouTube alone does not seem to meet their needs.

This can create an opportunity for quality publishers like you who have a good volume to create and who can meet the growing needs of advertisers. However, most advertisers / advertisers prefer pre-made video ads compared to other formats such as (overseas, IBV, in-video video ads). very high. However, there are certain restrictions on publishers when using pre-roll video ads to date, and truvid- as a speaker promises to overcome these barriers for publishers and provide a complete monetization solution. Before delving into truvid solutions, let us take a look at the problems that publishers face when it comes to monetizing video content.

Publisher Challenges When Starting With Video Advertising
No video content: Most web publishers do not produce their own video content as it takes a lot of effort to produce original video content. This is the first roadblock so publishers can’t find relevant video content relevant to their niche. Additionally, there are potential for copyright infringement and violations as it is difficult to locate the source of most of the video content taken from YouTube under a creative commons license.

Required Video players need customization: There are many video player solutions for sale anywhere between $ 25 to $ 100 per month depending on usage, ad requests, customization etc. While you need to have some technical knowledge to empower players (it requires culture to enter codes), they also come with pre-existing costs.

Video hosting content is expensive: While this may seem like an easy task, you will actually end up consuming TB of bandwidth and have to pay for all hosting. It can range from a few hundred dollars to business plans depending on your video bandwidth usage.

To overcome these challenges for publishers, truvid has come up with a comprehensive solution that only requires you to connect and play to get started.

truvid: Complete Platform for Making Money for Publishers
Truvid’s is a single stop platform for web publishers who want to monetize their video collections at premium prices. With truvid technology you can get access to unparalleled demand from high exchanges, DSPs, and trading Desks. It has a marketplace that allows publishers to interact with advertisers and make the best use of all the deals. You can also create your own video player widget and have options to choose from truvid video library that affects 1000 videos in all popular niches be it food, entertainment, politics, sex etc. Also, the platform is suitable for publishers of all kinds with a good volume of premium invention. Before we get into the details, I would like you to take a look at the various solutions offered by truvid to publishers.

Truvid Publisher Solutions
OVP Technology: Truvid OVP enables market leaders to connect content, Brands and Media under one complex platform and customize it to suit their needs. Our API connection to well-known, established and popular media and the needs of ad servers allow for a faster life plan, which transforms your business into an active market leader.

Truvid Live Marketplace: Truvid marketplace is ideal for content owners, products or media providers. Anyone connected can show their inventory and pay the best value, while building a faster revenue stream. Seek out truvid partners to get instant access to premium media, and they can create great similarities between content and audiences, creating the ultimate viewer experience

Publisher SSP: truvid SSP technology allows media owners to extract professional content and generate ad revenue with new ad formats and visual widgets. Decide on prices, and make sure we take steps to maintain the integrity of all assets.

HTML5 Media PLayer: truvid HTML 5 media player incorporates advanced advertising animation and advanced bidding technology, which allows you to earn revenue for excellent ads and high fill rates.

Content Management Platform: Content owners can quickly collaborate with high-quality publishers and gain high exposure while spreading their work to a trusted and growing audience of billions. Our premium technology allows you to control the distribution, and see exactly where your content is used.

Benefits of Publishers: Getting started with truvid
Truvid is a one-stop solution for web publishers. Benefits include additional video revenue (which can be an important part of your total advertising revenue) and you do not need to focus on building your content with your player.

It’s an easy way to connect with a plug-and-play with a beautiful UI that makes it easy for anyone to get started on the platform.

Truvid takes every effort to find and sell auction at the highest prices on your behalf. Truvid SSP is designed to help you get the highest quality of all video impressions and ensure you have the highest completeness level on your entire list.

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