Signs that you should Stop Using Spreadsheets and Start Using a CRM


Spreadsheets could be helpful for a new business. As soon as these products are used, Signs, it’s time to switch from spreadsheets to a CRM that won’t work as well as they should. Moving companies in these situations should use CRM software, says Movers Tech.

Even though you might not want to change what’s working at first, your sales may tell you otherwise. CRM software can get rid of spreadsheets and make work more efficient.

Check out these ten signs that it’s time to ditch your spreadsheets in favor of a customer relationship management system (CRM). In the universe, there is no such thing as a constant. You might have a hard time remembering your regular schedule.

A breach could lead to the loss of data or a break in internal communication. A problem affecting many people could be a sign that something is wrong. Then, you could say that any of the following signs were the cause.

Data About Consumers are Being Lost:

Excel can deal with a small number of possible clients. When a company grows and needs more data, it makes sense to use a CRM system instead of spreadsheets.

Many people think it’s important. Methods that use spreadsheets could lead to these mistakes. Your notes may become less useful over time. If you don’t have enough information about your clients, which is hurting your sales process, a CRM might be able to help.

It takes a lot of Time and Effort to Enter Data into a Spreadsheet Manually:

Even if accuracy is not important, entering data into a spreadsheet may take a long time. When reps spend a lot of time entering data by hand, it’s clear that “time is money.”

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The weekly hours you spend this way could help any part of your sales funnel. Switching from spreadsheets to a CRM can solve this problem. A CRM may save your staff time because it lets you automate tasks, sort leads into categories as they come in, and filter contacts by category.

Representatives Don’t Want To Follow the Rules:

If your team doesn’t talk to each other much, it could signify that you need a CRM instead of spreadsheets. It could cause you to lose data and spreadsheets because your business model doesn’t have enough structure.

Your team’s work might be easier to organize with the help of a collaborative CRM. CRM software that is made for groups to work together could help your team work better together. CRM can help your employees in many ways, like the collaboration we’ve already discussed.

Distributing Spreadsheets by Hand Takes a lot of Time:

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One part of the previous signal is that sending spreadsheets by hand may be too error-prone. It’s possible that no one on your team is sharing the right spreadsheets or isn’t doing so when they should.

With a centralized CRM database, you may be able to solve this problem and make your team more productive.

Taking Time to Delegate:

Some people find it hard or even chaotic to give others their jobs. If you only give out one job at a time, you might waste too much of your valuable time.

With a single spreadsheet, you can make it less likely that mistakes or delays will cause you to lose a contract.

You Don’t Know Enough About Your Business To Make Good Decisions:

You might lose sight of what turns leads into customers if you focus too much on your employees. Spreadsheets can be used to make basic records, but they can’t be used to analyze specific data points. A CRM could give your sales team all the information they need.

CRM Customer Relationship Management for Business Sales Marketing System Concept

A CRM system could help your business keep track of the leads that turn into sales and sales data. Analytical CRMs may be able to give your company useful, strong, and complete data. They might also give you models to help you predict sales.

You Have No Idea How Well Your Workers Are Doing:

Because each team member is so important to the success of the team as a whole, they may not be shown on spreadsheets. If you don’t have this information, you can’t teach your team or hold those who don’t do their jobs well accountable.

If you need information like this, you should stop using spreadsheets and start using a CRM.

Reporting and Making Predictions Are Both a Lot of Work:

As your company grows, it may not be as useful to use spreadsheets for reporting and making predictions. If you use a customer relationship management system, you might be able to speed up the process.

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In analytical CRM, models are made that can be used to predict the future, which could help you with your plans.

You Can’t Trust Your Spreadsheets:

The safety of your spreadsheets is a less common but no less important issue. Even if you have security measures in place, other people and parties may still be able to access your Google Sheets.

You can take a file out of the cloud to avoid problems. Locally stored data, on the other hand, is easy to lose. Because of concerns about data security, you may need to switch from spreadsheets to a CRM system.

In General, it’s a Mess:

CRM Customer Relationship Management for Business Sales Marketing System Concept

Even if you can’t figure out what’s wrong, you might end up with a mess. Spreadsheets don’t meet your needs for many different reasons.

It’s possible that all of these points of view can be summed up in a single fact. A customer relationship management system might help your business (CRM).


If you have any or all of the above qualities, it might be Signs. It’s time to switch from spreadsheets to CRM. Also, if your site is made with WordPress, you can find some of the free CRM WordPress plugins here.

Most CRM systems are easy to learn, and the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term costs.

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