Best websites to make money Online in Afghanistan 2021


Ever worried about how your website might earn you money? Have you heard a lot about Platforms making money on the Website and are still confused about which way to go and what to do?

But if you do, hold on! You’re about to get there.

Dive into this article, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to rescue it.

So, first things first, why make money with a website?

Website Monetization is the process of making money through your website.

Similarly, you can do that with the help of various website-making tools.

Online publishers and website owners have many opportunities today to make money on their websites, blogs and social media accounts through these Monetization Platforms.

By working with the right monetization platform through a website, a business can make good money while continuing to build and grow loyal audiences.

There are many website monetization platforms and website monetization companies to monetize your website and blogs.

Includes monetization via Facebook website, Google website monetization networks and other different platforms.

And it’s all about growing your website business.

They bring you opportunities to make money and earn more money on your website.

Okay now, so we’ll start with some great platforms to help you make money with your website and earn you dollars.

Let’s move on.

1) Viewers
Audienceplay monetizes or identifies your audience anywhere and anywhere beyond your website.

Audienceplay is one of the most profitable website-making platforms with the best benefits for website owners and publishers.

So, what are they?

It can enable website owners to convert audiences into unlimited revenue streams.

You can target and apply campaigns to your audience sections across your website or offline.

Audienceplay reveals the power to customize money.

But no data expertise is needed here – It’s a unique ‘Do It Yourself’ product.

Audienceplay offers the opportunity to monetize your life even if your user leaves your website.

The result?

You can earn a lot of money.

Playing the audience
2) CJ collaboration
CJ Affiliate reaches and influences consumers around the world, in all aspects of their shopping journey, both online and offline.

It is one of the most lucrative companies on the web.

First, it helps you expand your product reach and become better.

Second, CJ drives a wide range of sales and rewards world-class publishers for successfully promoting their products / services.

In addition, web developers and publishers can earn commissions in partnership with some of the world’s most popular brands.

Above all, you can successfully develop your products / services and use their potential to make money.

3) AdSense
AdSense is one of the free website monetization platforms that uses an easy way to make money by placing ads on your website.

Google’s monetization website reviews ads to ensure they are high quality and relevant to your audience, even when viewed on smartphones and tablets.

You can block those ads that you do not like, customize where ads appear, and choose which types best match your site.

AdSense allows you to access the largest advertising network and help you get the most out of your ads.

4) Exoclick
ExoClick is one of those website-making companies that offers a great platform to make money with your website.

A brand new tool for advertisers working on Automatic Variations Optimization.

Exoclick allows automatic control over traffic sent to campaign variants.

It provides important results with its comprehensive reach and focus approach.

Therefore, Exoclick optimizes your ad sites and increases ad revenue.

5) Facebook Audience Network
People spend a lot of time on Instagram and Facebook when they are online, as well as other apps and sites. And website-making companies are trying to take advantage of this opportunity.

The same is true of facebook for money making.

Audience Network is an empowered platform for making money on a facebook website that helps advertisers reach more people who are online elsewhere or who spend their time in various places.

Audience Network is one of those Facebook Website Monetization Platforms that uses targeting, marketing, delivery and rating strategies as a Facebook ad to monetize apps.

Therefore, with the help of this network to make money on the facebook website, advertisers can expand Facebook and Instagram campaigns to high quality websites and apps and across the Internet.

6) AdBlade
AdBlade is one of the most popular content platforms that allows advertisers to reach a large number of different users at hundreds of top websites with complete product security assurance.

Therefore, Adblade is a great win-win combination, new ad units, distribution by high-quality publishers and unique features that give advertisers the confidence they need to deliver their campaign and specific campaigns.

Adblade ad platform
7) Clickky biz
Clickky biz helps you build your website layout and select the appropriate categories.

You can choose the type of ad and format from over 20 available mobile and desktop options.

This is one of the few web site marketing tools that targeted the right users of your ads no matter where, when and how they go.

In addition, you can gain international access and get a direct premium establishment by paying the right amount.

by clicking
8) AdNow
With website monetization platforms like AdNow, you can make money with your website, sell traffic and make high money. You can monetize your website with AdNow sponsored content marketers.

It is believed that AdNow is one of the ways to make money with a website