What’s Good on Samsung ML-2250 Driver


Looking for an impressive printer? You can choose the Samsung ML-2250 driver as your device. It offers many benefits, especially for office purposes.

Not only the features but the specification is also impressive and attractive. Here are some specifications and features of this device.

Features of Samsung ML-2250 Driver

1. Clean Quality Printing

Laptop on a Wooden Table With a Printer

The printed paper from the drives is excellent. All the text comes with sharp and clean character, not too thin nor bold. For the graphic itself, the images come clean and smooth.

Since it’s B&W mode, you’ll get a thinner or darker shade to ease your reading.

2. Toner Save Function

The main function that is included in the printer is the toner save function. It’s a big benefit to make your toner more efficient. T

here’s an indicator to remind the user about the toner. If you want to turn on this mode, there’s a button that you only need to press.

3. Top Resolution

Not many drivers come at the top resolution, but the Samsung ML-2250 driver does. It has 1200dpi, and the result of the printed paper is very clean and neat.

Since it’s very high resolution, the differences in the shades are noticeable, and it’s a big advantage for you who print images more.

4. Best for Office

Contemporary Room Workplace Office Supplies Concept

We all know that offices always need more printed papers than a home office. If you have a very big business and printing is the part of your work, this printer might be the best for you.

Its maximum cycle is 30,000 pages a month, three times more than the average.

Specifications of Samsung ML-2250 Driver

1. Speed

Hands of Female Worker Folds a Paper Stacks in Typography

This printer supports high-speed printing, which is up to 20ppm. For the first page, it comes in 10 seconds.

Laser printing gives not only a fast pace result but also high resolution. So, the fast speed won’t have any bad impact to the printed papers.

2. Compatibility

The driver works well for many versions of Windows. For Windows 2003, Vista, and XP, it works for 32 and 64 bit. While Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 work for 64-bit only.

3. Paper Handling

The big design gives you more space to put more paper as the input. You can place up to 250 sheets of A4. The output tray, it holds about 150 sheets.

However, it only handles well for A4 with an 80gsm size as the maximum.

4. Connectivity

It has two options available for connectivity. In general, it uses USB 2.0 to ease everyone’s use of the driver.

You’ll find the connector behind the body. Another option is ethernet, which can be used as an alternative when you’re in mobile mode.

5. Performance

It’s supported by 14MB memory and a good frequency of the processor. You can enjoy a 166MHz type printer without noise, especially when printing is progressing.

The sound from the printer is just 53 dB, and it’s very soft. The standby mode is less than 35 dB.

6. Dimensions

The dimensions of the drives are quite big, with 358mm width x 452mm depth x 278mm height. It’s small for a printer in your office, but it’s not a portable one to support your mobile productivity.

Its weight is 10kg which makes it too heavy to move it here and there.

7. Warming-up

There’s a warming-up session before you use this printer. After you turn on the driver, you need about 45 secs before it can start the first page printed.

It’s normal for a printer to do, but it’s less time compared to other classic printers. If the room temperature is cold, it takes more than 45 secs.

Samsung ML-2250 driver is a good choice if you need a printer for your busy office. The number of its duty cycle is very big, mostly three times the amount of other laser printers.

So, take it into consideration if you have many things to print in a month, yet never move as a mobile working person.

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