Get to Know Samsung ML-2251n Driver

A popular medium-sized printer is the Samsung ML-2251n driver. It’s quite big to be categorized as a portable one, that’s why it suits any office or home office.

This classic printer also has several good features and specifications. Here are some points to consider before you buy this device.

Features of Samsung ML-2251n Driver

Attractive Design

The design has become an important feature for many users. It’s like a toast machine with an enclosed wide tray at the front and a slop at the top to slide the papers.

It was built from matt plastic and has dusty grey color. However, you might need some space since the dimensions are pretty big.

Powerful Engine

The best feature of this printer is the engine which uses Samsung 16MHz. That processor helps to print quickly and clearly, without any troubles, and is powerful for daily usage.

However, you need to put it near the power supply since it’s the only source to turn it on.

Toner Save Mode

Still Life Cmyk Toners Composition

Although it’s built as a classic printer, the Samsung ML-2251n driver offers the great feature named toner save mode. It’s a mode to make your printing mode more efficient.

There’s a button to activate this mode, and you can save up to 40% toner.

Clear Printing

Don’t worry about the printed paper quality. The result is very clear, especially normal text in black. How about the image or graphic in B&W mode?

The printer will differ the graphic based on the greyscales to create a clear interpretation for the user.

Specifications of Samsung ML-2251n Driver


As a classic printer, the speed of printing is pretty good. The device has a 24ppm speed which supports your efficiency, especially during busy working hours.

The first normal printing needs 10 seconds. After that, the speed increases. The paper has high quality without getting curled because of the heat.

Input and Output

Since it has big dimensions, the input and output capacity for the Samsung ML-2251n driver is very high. The input holds about 250 sheets for the plain one in A4 size.

While the output is 150 sheets in A4, for other types of sheets, it must be less since their weight is much more than plain paper. The maximum duty cycle for the driver is 30,000 pages per month which are very fantastic for a simple and classic printer.

With big input and output, the device is perfect for a busy office with high productivity of printing activity. Thankfully, the number of print cartridges is only 1 for a duty cycle.

Paper Handling

Woman Hand Showing Blank Business Card Over Purple Background

There are several media types that the printer can handle, starting from transparencies, plain paper, labels, cards, and plain paper. The maximum size is 14 inches x 8.5 inches.

Available media sizes for the printer are A4, legal, A5, A6, folio, letter A, executive, and statement.


It’s not a wireless printer. That’s why you’ll see the wire that should be connected to the power supply. For the setup connector to the computer, there are two options.

The first is USB 2.0, which promises high speed. The second one is ethernet or fast ethernet.


The processor used in this printer is Samsung 166MHz which is powerful for long-run usage daily. The RAM installed from Samsung is just 16NM, but you can expand it up to 144MB.

It doesn’t have a battery slot, so you need a power supply of about 350W when operating and 15W in sleep mode.


Thankfully, this printer is compatible with many kinds of operating systems of a personal computer. They are Linux (SuSe, TurboLinux, Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, Caldera, Mandrake), and Windows (X, 2000, NT 4.0, and millenium edition).

Attractive design, powerful engine, and versatile specification become three main points why this Samsung ML-2251n driver is worth having. It’s reliable not only for office and big scale business but also for your daily usage at your home office.