Features of Samsung ML-2240 Driver to Consider

Classic printers sometimes become another hit since it’s more affordable. One of the popular ones is the Samsung ML-2240 driver, which offers the best quality printed paper.

If you’re looking for this printer, here are some features and specifications for your consideration.

Features of Samsung ML-2240 Driver

1. Good Design

Though it was produced in 2009, the driver was built in great design, whether it’s for the home office or working area. With its dusty white color and compact shape, it attracts the user who loves simple usage of the printer.

Access to printing and replacement is easy for everyone.

2. Anti-dust Cover

At the classic printer level, the benefit you’ll get from this Samsung ML-2240 driver is the anti-dust cover at the top of the driver. It prevents your paper from dusting, so the printing result is good.

Dust is the main reason why the characters look different, such as too thin or too bold.

3. Toner Save Mode

Still Life Cyan Toner Arrangement

Since its’ an ergonomically printer, you’ll see how good it is as an efficient device. From the same level drivel, it’s better at about 30% since there’s a good feature named toner save mode.

You don’t need to change the toner frequently and save the amount of paper you use.

4. Multipurpose Tray

Another feature you’ll get from this device is the multipurpose tray. It can hold about 150 sheets of paper of any kind of type.

From envelopes, labels, and transparencies, the tray will hold them well. It prevents your desk from being a mess because of the papers on it.

Specifications of Samsung ML-2240 Driver

1. Compatibility

Whatever personal computer device you have, it’s compatible with the driver. The printer supports a very wide range of OS starting from Windows, Linux, and Max 10.5.

So, don’t look at how classic it is since the driver is still good for the recent OS available.

2. Connectivity

The only connectivity that supports this driver is high-speed USB 2.0. It connects the printer and your PC, so it would be better to prepare the Samsung USB for the best connector.

3. Speed and Printing

Print Concept. Print Text on Keyboard Button

The printer is only for black and white colors, so don’t expect to get the colorful ones. The resolution used for ML-2440 is 600×1200 dpi.

For normal quality using A4 or US letters, the speed is about 22ppm. For the first page, it needs 10 seconds to come out fully.

4. Input and Output

The total input for the printer is 150 sheets, while the output is about 100 sheets. ML-2440 duty cycle is 8000 pages per month.

For the input, you can put any type of paper as long as the dimension isn’t more than A4 size.

5. Paper Handling

Blank Paper Roll In Large Printer Format Inkjet Machine for Industrial Business

It handles not only the plain paper but also the recycled one and is labeled one. It does support the envelopes and any size which is less than A4 size.

All printed paper quality is good though it takes a longer time compared to the recent printer nowadays.

6. Performance

The internal memory of the driver is 8MB. The good performance is supported by a processor 150MHz.

Although it doesn’t compete with the printers nowadays, it’s still better in the mono laser printer class. The noise from the printer is only 51 dB.

7. Size and Design

The size of the driver is only 353mmx298mmx209mm. It isn’t small, but it isn’t too big. It fits your narrow space.

However, the weight is about 6.0 kg, and it’s not suitable for portable purpose. The design comes in dual-tone, dusty white for the body and dark grey for the tray.

Samsung ML-2240 driver is a compact printer for your office or home office. Great performance, less noise, and availability for many types of paper are the big advantages of having this device.

It’s reliable in any condition and a good choice for a long-time busy user.