What to Look on Samsung ML-2525 Driver

Samsung has another product for a printer which is introduced as a smaller driver than the previous version. It’s a Samsung ML-2525 driver designed as compact as ever, tinier, with an elegant look.

But how’s the performance? Here are the specifications and some features of it.

Features of Samsung ML-2525 Driver

1. Output Cover

This is featured for the ML-2525 with a big advantage. Besides making it look more elegant and luxurious, the cover is a way for Samsung to make the driver that makes less noise while printing.

It supports the office environment that everyone needs, so it won’t bother anyone.

2. Simple Navigation

Some printers come with too many buttons on the device that make the user confused, especially for the first time. It’s different with this Samsung ML-2525 driver since there are only two buttons, the power button, and the print screen button. That’s why it’s easy to navigate.

3. Enclosed Tray

To make sure that the printing quality is always good, Samsung created it with an enclosed tray. It prevents the dust from staying on your paper. Besides, it beautifies the design with a compact finish and makes it more stylish to see.

The look and the printing quality of the driver are reliable and professional.

4. Support Anyweb Print

The most useful feature that you’ll find in this printer is Samsung’s Anyweb Print. It eases you to print just by dragging the content from web pages to a blank page. You don’t need to resize to edit the page since it automatically pulls all the information you select.

Once you save the pages into files, whether it’s as pdf or tiff, you’ll automatically print the pages by pressing the print screen button on the driver. This feature allows you to gather data easily and more effectively when it comes to print because it’s quicker.

Specifications of Samsung ML-2525 Driver

1. Resolution

The resolution of this printer is 600x1200dpi, far better than many laser printers on the market. The printing quality is clean and clear, and all characters come without any issues, such as different bold unless you print graphic images which will be produced in different scales of grey.

Print Concept. Print Text on Keyboard Button

2. Speed

The printer also offers a better speed compared to the previous Samsung ML series. The speed is about 18ppm with 8 secs of waiting for the very first page to be printed.

You don’t need to wait until the driver gets some heat because it will print the paper automatically after the button is pressed.

3. Paper Handling

It’s quite large for paper handling specifications. First, the maximum size of it is A4, but it can have a smaller size such as A5 and A6 without a problem. It handles many types of paper, too, from recycled paper, envelopes, labels, thick, thin, and transparent.

How about the amount of input and output? It holds 250 sheets as input but only 80 sheets as output. However, the duty cycle for a month is about 12,000 pages, which makes it perfect as a home office driver.

4. Connectivity

The only connectivity offered by this printer is USB 2.0. There’s no ethernet option, unfortunately. But it works well and is compatible with any other devices, from computers to handphones.

Though it’s quite standard, it’s something you don’t need to worry about as long as the connector is from Samsung.

5. Performance

Though it’s tiny, the performance of the driver is doing well. With an 8MB memory and 150MHz processor, it works fast and clean. It’s less noise too. The dB from printing is less than 50, while in standby mode is just about 26. As a cheap printer, it’s worth your money.

Besides the affordable price, the Samsung ML-2525 driver is also a great device for your office. The great performance is supported by good paper handling and resolution. The design also allows you to have clean results, making your daily work professional.