5 Tools to Simplify Executive and Board Member Communications [Five Excellent Board Management Software]

Board management software has evolved into one of the most significant tools for board evaluation in publicly traded organizations. Several standards have been made essential for businesses to follow.

Board meeting software is intended for use by both executive teams and the board of directors. Preparedness is dependent on having the proper tools to handle administration and interact safely and reliably, and that agility includes technology like these five tools to assist management teams in making quick choices that benefit workers, clients, and partners.

The virtual board software is essential if a firm is to prosper in moments when office work is impractical. It can also aid in cost and inefficiency reduction. Remote employment has been influenced not just by the pandemic but also by CEOs and board members.

The rising issues necessitate the use of efficient communication and administration solutions.

1. iBabs


It is a board portal technology that makes board meetings easier to organize and operate more efficiently. Boards may use iBabs to keep a record of schedules, objectives, and outcomes.

Board agendas and packets may be generated in less time, and discussions, voting, and meeting reports can be completed from any platform.

iBabs Software’s main features are as follows:

  • Board packs can be generated in seconds rather than days
  • Download agendas and files from any place and device, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Notifications by email/push
  • Highlight key calendar and agenda information
  • Control of the approval process

2. ContractZen


ContractZen is innovative cloud-based safe management software that streamlines numerous board tasks such as complicated contract administration, board meeting administration, strategic planning, e-signatures, and many more.

A meeting management feature includes minutes and follow-up activities to ensure that talks continue even after sessions have ended. This board gateway also accepts digital signals and provides access to a virtual data room.

Key elements of ContractZen:

  • Capabilities in contract management
  • AI-powered search possibilities
  • Management of legal entities
  • Filtering that is dynamic
  • VDR built-in
  • Services for electronic signatures
  • Creating documentation

3. Govenda


Govenda is a board portal that allows board members and CEOs to view sensitive data and interact offline and online from any location and equipment. Managers and leaders can save money and operate more efficiently using this software, which streamlines several procedures and allows for rapid voting and digital signatures.

Key elements of the Govenda:

  • Making an electronic board book
  • Management of the board’s roster
  • Sensitive document management
  • Comprehensive compliance management

4. Diligent


Diligent Boards enable users to create, exchange and contribute to board meeting records and materials safely. It is board meeting administration software that includes capabilities like approval process management, role-based rights, a member directory, etc.

It enables businesses to achieve increased productivity and more strong leadership. Board members can utilize it for a variety of tasks such as organizing committees, making connections, writing regular reports, and so on. It also gives real-time news via mobile access.

Key characteristics of diligent boards:

  • Capabilities for virtual meetings
  • Timetable preparation
  • Dedicated collaboration channels for sensitive materials
  • AI and analytic elements to improve data presentation Automation for certain procedures

5. OnBoard


Board meetings should be informative, efficient, and straightforward. The OnBoard board intelligence system simplifies antiquated and time-consuming board meeting practices, allowing boards to stay on the right track and realize their company objectives.

Discover a board portal that simplifies decision-making by establishing a system of record for executives, managers, and supervisors, complete with simple data and analytics available on any technology, in any location, at any moment. OnBoard board management delivers integrated and secure data transmission so that boards may thrive with more cooperative, creative, and successful meetings. Use Onboard’s trial version to test the waters before investing.

OnBoard Highlights:

  • Agenda and minutes maker with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Evaluation by the Board
  • Meeting metrics compiled in real-time
  • Voting and approvals are organized and tracked
  • Tracking the abilities of board members

Final thoughts

A board management system may help to streamline administration by removing pain spots and inconsistencies, enhancing communication, increasing board involvement, and stressing corporate governance. When you have the correct tools, remote work does not imply slowness or decreased productivity.

These are all quite distinct tools, and you’ll need to do a lot of studies to pick the ideal one for your company. Use the free trials provided to test out the program before purchasing. These tools have undoubtedly improved meetings and also assisted in better board management.