The Feature and Specifications of Samsung ML-2550 Driver

Do you need the best printer with a duplex feature and high performance? You can consider the Samsung ML-2550 driver. It’s very versatile since it supports a lot of media-size paper as well.

Here are some great features and basic specifications this printer has.

Features of Samsung ML-2550 Driver

1. Powerful Performance

The series of ML-2550 has outstanding performance. It supports your business environment in some aspects, from less energy, less noise, and less time.

The engine and specification have been improved from the last version, so it suits more businessmen on any scale.

2. Fast Interface

This printer is a classic one in the market nowadays, but it doesn’t mean the interface doesn’t support the latest generation. It gets a standard USB 2.0, which is a high-speed one.

You don’t have to worry about transferring data between the PC to the printer cause it will take time shortly.

3. Syncthru

This option is offered by Samsung to allow you to manage the printing. You can print the document from afar just by connecting it with the Syncthru program.

It’s a good option if you have a big office but only afford one printer. Then, this Samsung ML-2550 driver is a perfect one for you.

4. More Efficient

Rows of Colorful Energy Category

Efficiency is the best thing we’re looking for on electronic devices, including a printer. Thankfully, this device uses less electricity, especially during the standby mode.

The machine isn’t easy to get hot, and it prevents the curling paper. You will be efficient in two ways, from electricity costs and paper.

Specifications of Samsung ML-2550 Driver

1. Speed

The speed of the printer is pretty good. It’s 24ppm after taking about 12 seconds to print the first page. Even so, Samsung claimed that it’s doing well as an economical printing device.

The speed will decrease the time and electricity consumed, so it’s less energy.

2. Input and Output

The total input and output of this printer are quite good. For the input, it can hold up to 500 sheets of plain paper. Other types of paper are less than that.

While the output, it holds about 250 sheets. You don’t need to stand by just to wait for your printing to finish if the total is a lot.

3. Paper Handling

For paper handling, the Samsung ML-2550 driver is doing well with a lot of sizes and media types. They are plain paper, envelopes, labels, and transparencies.

Paper Blank Business Cards

However, the maximum size of printing paper is only A4. The other sizes are B5, A6, A5, and A 4 for ISO. For non-ISO, the available ones are legal, letter, and executive.

4. Performance

The good performance of the printer comes from its processor. It is a built-in from Samsung with 266MHz, a powerful one in its class.

The internal memory is quite huge with 32MB, and it’s expandable to 160MB. For the noise, it’s about 53dB while printing and 35dB when it’s in standby mode.

5. Dimensions

Though it’s good for a home office, this printer actually isn’t a portable one. The height is about 326mm with 386 widths and 436 depths.

What makes it impossible to be a portable printer is its weight which is about 13.5kg. It’s too heavy, and you need a solid place to put it safely.

5. Compatibility

The printer is compatible with a lot of operating systems or OS. For Windows, it supports 98 /Me /NT4.0 /2000 /XP. For Linux OS, it supports Caldera, Mandrake, Slackware, and Debian. For Macintosh, it supports from 8.6 to 10.3 versions. For the media size, maximal compatibility is only for 216mm x 356mm.

The outstanding performance of the Samsung ML-2550 driver allows you to have high productivity in business. The issues such as over-heat, dirty characters, and speed problems won’t be found in this printer. This mono laser printer is great whether for office or home office.