Too Hot To Handle Season 2: Who Is in the Cast

Too Hot To Handle Season 2: Who Is in the Cast

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Updates: American-British reality television show Too Hot to Handle will be back for a second season this June. Here is what you need to know about the show and who is cast for the second season.

The reality dating game show is centered on the contestants’ summer-long celibacy. The host of the show is a virtual assistant named ‘Lana’. The rule of the game is that the contestants must make no sexual contact with each other all through the summer. If they make it through, they’ll be awarded $100,000.

Season 1 was filmed in Mexico but none of the winning couples managed to make their relationships last. For season 2, a new batch of prospective winners has made for Turks and Caicos for their chance to win $100,000.

Following are the contestants for season 2 who must couple up and stay true while Lana plays her devious tricks.

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Too Hot To Handle Season 2
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Age: 24

Who is he: Cam is a personal trainer and a self-proclaimed sexy nerd. He loves The Lord of the Rings. He always thinks that the grass is greener on the other side which means that he struggles to settle.


Age: 24

He is tall, dark, and handsome. He has a sex drive that’s, in his own words, 100 out of 10.


Age: 26

Who is he: Marvin is a Parisian model and influencer with a Master’s in Finance. He has his own concierge business and seems to have it all.


Age: 27

Who is he: Nathan is a former stripper with a passion for country music. He has had his heartbroken and admits he jumps from girl to girl in search of a deeper meaning.


Age: 21

Who is he: Peter is a personal trainer and an influencer on TikTok. He is close to his family, especially his Mom whom he calls his No.1 woman.


Age: 24

Who is she: Carly is a Canadian model who used to be a competitive dancer. She is, in her own words, a ‘man-eater’. She is insatiable and fun-loving.


Age: 27


Age: 26

Who is she: Kayla is a Florida-based model and bartender. She loves hanging on the beach and claims that she has never been rejected.


Age: 28

Where is she from Auckland, New Zealand

Who is she: Larissa is an Auckland-based lawyer. She loves guys to be obsessed with her, even though she is not a one-man kind of girl.


Age: 28

Who is she: Melinda from Brooklyn is a model. She is one of 16 siblings and a self-professed firecracker.


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