Samsung SL-M2020W Driver Printer for Brilliant Printouts

One of the Xpress family members, Samsung’s printer family, is called Samsung SL-M2020W Driver. This printer comes with laser technology and is designed to accommodate only one cartridge. However, the printer can print up to 10,000 pages per month.

This SL-M2020W comes with 1200×1200 dots per inch resolution that is going to give you excellent printouts. There are amazing features offered by this printer for various offices and businesses. Before getting this Xpress printer by Samsung, check out the features of this printer first.

Features of Samsung SL-M2020W Driver

The SL-M2020W printer offers simplicity in printing. To help you work more effectively, Samsung designed this SL-M2020W printer with excellent features.

Take a look at some of its key features and see whether this SL-M2020W is the best choice for your own business.

1. This Printer Makes Your Smartphone Smarter

The Mobile Phone Put on the Laptop Is Ready to Work

The SL-M2020W printer allows you to print wirelessly. It also allows you to share your data effortlessly.

All you need to do is just a simple tap with the advanced technology that has been added to the printer. The tech is named NFX. Besides, you can also use the Samsung Mobile Print App for easier printing.

2. Brilliant Image and Text Quality

This SL-M2020W printer by Samsung allows you to print images and texts in brilliant quality, thanks to the advanced rendering tech that is able to improve the quality of the image so that the prints will be sharper and have much more details.

3. Easy Eco Driver

Samsung’s SL-M2020W printer can help you save 20% on toner because of the presence of Easy Eco Driver. This is special software that will reduce energy and paper consumption by giving you the option to eliminate unnecessary images and texts.

3D Illustration of an Eco Friendly Label

Samsung SL-M2020W Driver Specifications

Now, you will need to know everything about this SL-M2020W printer. You need to understand the complete specs of this printer.

This way, you will be able to make the right decision, whether to use this printer or to find the other one. Check out all details about the SL-M2020W specifications below.

1. Processor and Memory

The processor that is planted behind the case of this SL-M2020W printer has a 400 MHz frequency. This amazing processor is paired with a 64 MB internal memory that will enhance the performance of this printer.

2. Physical Dimensions

If you want a laser printer that’s not so big, you’ll love this SL-M2020W printer. Its size is just 330.2×215.9×177.8 mm.

This printer weighs just 3.99 kg.

3. Communication Interface

The standard communication interfaces that are added to this printer by Samsung are a USB 2.0 port and wireless LAN.

4. Paper Handling

The maximum input capacity that can be held by this SL-M2020W printer is 150 sheets. And the total output capacity of this printer is 100 sheets. You can use various media types to print using this printer.

Some types of paper you can use are thin paper, thicker paper, plain paper, labels, cardstocks, and others.

Closeup of Working Table Workplace Office

5. Printing Speed

This SL-M2020W is a monochrome printer that doesn’t allow you to print colors. When you print black with normal quality on letter-sized or A4-sized papers, the printing speed reaches 21 pages per minute.

6. Power Consumption

The printer will consume 30 W of power when it is in standby mode. But when you use the printer to print something, this SL-M2020W printer will take 310 W of electrical power.


Xpress is a printer family offered by Samsung that provides various laser printer options. One of those amazing laser printers is the Samsung SL-M2020W Driver printer.

Check the specs and features of this printer from the details provided by this page and see whether this is the best product for your office.