Small Samsung CLP-300 Driver Printer But Powerful

For some people, a laser printer is a better option than an inkjet printer. If you are one of those people, you will love this Samsung CLP-300 Driver. Samsung CLP-300 is one of the Xpress printers. This printer can print colors, has a small size, and is not so heavy, a perfect option for the home office.

Samsung fixed the toner cartridges of this printer so that the CLP-300 can print much more quietly. Also, you can now change the toner of this printer much more easily. The design of this toner is unique. It is a superfast printer that will ease your printing job.

Features of Samsung CLP-300 Driver

While some offices are okay with black laser printers, some others need color laser printers to print many important documents. If you are looking for the best laser printer for your home office, learn more about this CLP-300 and its features from the details below.

1. Small but Super Powerful

People who want a printer that is space-saving and movable need to consider this CLP-300 by Samsung. This printer’s weight is just about 30 pounds.

It has a small size and light color. The printer’s resolution is sharp, 2400×600 dpi.

2. Super Quiet Printer

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Some printers are going to bother you with their sounds when you use them to print something. But Samsung equipped this Xpress CLP-300 with No-Noise technology.

This tech allows you to store the toner in a fixed mechanism of the cartridge. This means the vibration and noise will be eliminated.

This technology also simplifies the toner changes. You will only find small toner bottles that are easy to access, no heavy toners you must deal with.

3. Compliant With Energy Star

Since the printer is compliant with Energy Star technology, your CLP-300 printer by Samsung will help the environment. This printer will use less energy. It will not only save the environment but also save your money.

Samsung CLP-300 Driver Specifications

Just like the features of this printer, this CLP-300’s specifications are also amazing. Check out the complete specs carried by this printer, and you will see whether this is the greatest printer for your home office or if you need to find another better printer.

1. Processor and Memory

Samsung equipped this CLP-300 printer with a built-in Samsung CHORUSm processor. The processor’s frequency is 300 MHz. This processor is paired with 32 MB of internal memory.

2. Physical Dimensions

This CLP-300 printer by Samsung is a small option. This printer’s size is 390×344×265 mm (width × depth × height). The printer’s weight is just 13.6 kg, but the package weight is 17 kg.

3. Communication Interface

Samsung Xpress CLP-300 printer is not yet supporting network connectivity. But this printer is equipped with a USB port to connect this printer to your computer or laptop.

4. Paper Handling

Unfortunately, speaking about paper handling, this CLP-300 printer can print on 210×297 mm maximum printing size. You can print only on plain paper, labels, envelopes, and transparencies.

The maximum paper size that can be handled by this CLP-300 is A4-sized paper.

5. Printing Speed

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Samsung CLP-300 can print black and color. When you print color with normal quality on A4 paper, the printer can print four pages per minute. But when you print black with normal quality on A4-sized paper, its maximum speed can reach up to 16 pages per minute.

6. Duty Cycle

This Xpress CLP-300 by Samsung is able to print up to 35,000 pages per month. Make sure you don’t pass the maximum duty cycle that is allowed for this printer in order to keep your printer healthy for a longer time.


Samsung CLP-300 Driver printer is a brilliant option for those looking for a black and color printer. This printer has a smaller size and some other awesome features you need to know.