Samsung SCX-4725FN Driver, Suitable Device for Home and Office Usage


Are you having trouble carrying out desk work in your tight schedule? Probably it is time to replace your single-function machine in the office with a multifunction one. The Samsung SCX-4725FN driver is certainly more practical for a busy office than a common printer.

Normally clerical works deal with print, copying, faxing, or scanning documents. All these tasks are much easier to handle as long as you have a Samsung SCX-4725FN, a multifunction device in your workspace. It serves as a scanner, printer, fax, and copy machine.

Innovative Attributes of Samsung SCX-4725FN Driver

Most people who work in a small or medium-sized enterprise surely need Samsung SCX-4725FN since it is simpler and more efficient to carry out all the administrative work. As an innovative printer, there are several attributes composing Samsung SCX-4725FN.

1. All in One Device

To ease the process of scanning, copying, faxing, and printing files, you must provide a Samsung SCX-4725FN in your office. You can do those tasks with only one device. Applying a multifunction device saves your electricity more than providing a copy machine, scanner or fax separately.

2. Performance

Actually, Samsung SCX-4725FN can perform really well for normal to a high volume of paperwork. This high-quality device uses laser technology to produce vivid monochrome printed documents. It uses CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology for scanning.

It can scan documents with 24-bit color. Emulation technology installed in this device includes PS3 and PCL6 to optimize the quality of printouts. When you use it as a fax, it offers 1 touch dial which serves 10 locations, and a speed dial to serve 200 locations.

3. Memory

Its internal memory of 32 MB can support an abundant workload. This size is considerable for a multifunction printer with laser technology.

Fax memory is 4 MB, and it can hold 320 pages. This memory capacity is sufficient for home or office usage.

4. Easy to Use

Aside from its superior features, it is quite user-friendly. You can operate this all-in-one printer easily. The instructions to print, scan, fax, or copy documents are easy to understand.

You can even easily adjust the setting to get a good printout.

Samsung SCX-4725FN Driver’s Detail Specification

All people tend to check out the specification of a printer before they decide to purchase it. It is important to identify whether the device can fulfill your needs or not because everybody has different necessities.

Luckily, Samsung SCX-4725FN has an ideal specification that most people need.

1. Speed

When it comes to speed, this multifunction device is quite satisfactory. To print documents, it shows an adequate print speed at 24 ppm.

The modem speed when you try to fax a document is 33.6 Kbit/s. Its copying speed for A4 and US Letter documents is 24 CPM.

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2. Resolution

Everybody must feel delighted to see the printout with a good resolution. Samsung SCX-4725FN enables you to adjust the resolution for printing to its maximum scale, which is 1200 x 600 DPI. The resolution in copying is 600 x 600 DPI.

For scanning, you can adjust the optical resolution to 600 x 600 DPI. If you like, you can increase the scan resolution up to 4800 x 4800 PPI. To scan documents, it has a grayscale level up to 256.

3. Connectivity

To print a document from a computer, you may use a USB or ethernet cable to connect your computer and printer.

4. Paper Handling

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The total capacity of output is 100 sheets while input is 250 sheets. Its duty cycle in a month can produce 10000 pages. The maximum print size is up to 216 x 297 mm, but the maximum paper size is A4.

Types of paper it can serve are A4, A6, A5, labels, plain paper, transparencies, card stock, bond paper, envelopes, recycled paper, and preprinted paper.


Considering its ability to perform administrative tasks efficiently, the Samsung SCX-4725FN driver is a crucial device in your office. It is a multifunction printer that fits home or office usage.

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