Samsung CLX-3175FW Driver, An All-in-One Device to Furnish Your Office


Technological development always brings out innovative products to make your workday easier. In this case, the Samsung CLX-3175FW driver is a brilliant device for completing any kind of office work. With one device, you can fax, print, copy and scan documents efficiently.

A multipurpose device holds an essential role in accomplishing your administrative tasks at the office. It makes sense that most businessmen prefer furnishing their workspace with an all-in-one printer to save much time and energy. Samsung CLX-3175FW emphasizes efficiency in presenting documents.

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Exceptional Things about Samsung CLX-3175FW Driver

You may find various printers in the market with unique facilities. Most of them only serve as a single function device which is a printer. But, Samsung CLX-3175FW has exceptional things that make it different from common printers out there.

1. Control Panel

A control panel screen gives easy access to any information related to the printer’s tasks, troubleshooting issues, and toner cartridge status. With a one-touch button, you can copy documents rapidly.

Besides, the control panel eases you to explore menus about the machine’s function or adjust the setting.

2. Flexible Device

Everybody must feel excited to utilize a versatile device like Samsung CLX-3175FW that can act as a fax, scanner, copy machine, email sender, and printer. To use it as a fax, you can transmit the fax at a specific time and send it to several destinations. It also can print out a fax report based on the setting.

Scanning a file with Samsung CLX-3175FW can save time effectively. You just need to control the device to function as a scanner. There are some formats of scanned documents that Samsung CLX-3175FW can handle, such as PDF, TIFF, and JPEG.

3. High Performance

One of the reasons why people like to equip their workspace with Samsung CLX-3175FW is the high performance that it offers. The laser printing technology with 4-pass color makes it eligible to carry out clerical work perfectly with remarkable speed and good resolution.

4. ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)

Performing paperwork on multiple pages is not a problem as long as you apply Samsung CLX-3175FW supplied with ADF features. It enables you to copy, fax, or scan documents consisting of multiple pages.

Thus, this multifunction device is ideal for independent workers or small to medium-sized businesses.

Samsung CLX-3175FW Driver’s Product Description

It is not enough to recognize the extraordinary features that Samsung CLX-3175FW can provide to users. You still need to know about the product description in order to give you a deeper comprehension of what Samsung CLX-3175FW can offer.

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1. Connectivity

Just like other modern printers, the Samsung CLX-3175FW has a USB port on the front, so you can connect your device to this USB port before scanning or printing a document. Alternatively, you may connect it via Wi-Fi, ethernet, or wired LAN.

2. Speed

To print monochrome documents, its speed ranges from 16 to 17 ppm, depending on paper types. To print colored documents, its normal speed is 4 ppm.

The copy speed for a monochrome document is 17 ppm, and the colored one is 4 ppm. For fax, the transmission speed is 33.6Kbps G3.

3. Memory and Duty Cycle

Apparently, this device has 128 MB of memory. But the duty cycle of this device is 20000 pages per month.

4. Resolution

This color printer has a resolution of 244 x 600 DPI. The copy resolution in photo mode is 1200 x 1200 DPI, while in text or magazine mode, its resolution reaches 600 x 600 DPI. Fax resolution is 200 x 200 DPI for colored documents and 300 x 300 DPI for monochrome documents.

Scan resolution varies. The scan resolution to PC starts from 75 up to 600 DPI. Scan to USB ranges from 100 to 300 DPI, and WIA resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi. TWAIN and optical reach 1200 x 1200 DPI. Enhance scan reaches 4800 x 4800 DPI.

All specifications in the Samsung CLX-3175FW driver serve high-quality outputs. This machine works flexibly to fulfill your need to accomplish office work.

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