How Samsung SCX-5935FN Driver Can Ease Office Job

Nowadays, a multifunction printer has become a trend to accomplish tasks such as printing, copying, scanning, or faxing. Either businessmen or students will likely require this kind of multifunction device. You should take into account the Samsung SCX-5935FN driver.

It is impossible to carry out all the tasks efficiently if you still use a printer, scanner, copy machine, and fax separately in different locations. The existence of multifunction printers like the Samsung SCX-5935FN is a brilliant solution to handle administrative details in your busy workday.

Typical Features Available in Samsung SCX-5935FN Driver

Principally, the features available in Samsung SCX-5935FN emphasize the great quality of the output and high performance of the device. Once you utilize this device, you will find out the great things that Samsung SCX-5935FN possesses.

1. Ultimate Multifunction Printer

It is not that easy to finish all the office tasks without the assistance of a multifunction printer. Samsung SCX-5935FN makes your workday more efficient since you can print, scan, copy and fax documents with one device only.

Laser technology implanted in this monochrome printer has an essential role to produce graphics and text in high quality. Aside from its several functions, Samsung SCX-5935FN has long durability and performs office work rapidly.

2. Duty Cycle

In a month, the Samsung SCX-5935FN can produce 80000 printouts. The huge number of sheets it handles indicates that it is not an average printer. Its capability and performance definitely exceed your expectations.

3. Big Storage Capacity

Apparently, storage capacity becomes an essential factor that determines the performance of a printer. The reason why Samsung SCX-5935FN can work smoothly is because of its big storage capacity. Its internal memory is 256 MB, and its maximum capacity reaches 512 MB.

You should not worry about the internal storage since it comes with a hard disk drive with a capacity of 80 GB to allow you to store more files and enhance device performance.

4. Emulation Technology

To ensure its compatibility with any software or computer and to process various types of documents easily, it uses emulation technology. To enhance scanning performance, it takes advantage of CCD (Charge Coupled Device) technology.

5. Easy Sharing

Sharing information via email, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), fax, print, or other sharing applications or LAN once you finish processing the data. It can process data through metadata, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, and other software.

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Items Supporting Samsung SCX-5935FN Driver’s Performance

When you plan to replace your common printer with a multifunction one, you need to inspect the items that support its performance. If you decide to purchase the Samsung SCX-5935FN printer, you need to check out the items available in this device as follows.

1. Paper Handling

Samsung SCX-5935FN is relatively ideal for small to medium-sized businesses since it has a great capacity for input in 500 sheets and output in 250 sheets. The multipurpose tray can hold 50 sheets. The maximum size of printing is 215 x 355 mm.

Types of paper Samsung SCX-5935FN can handle include A4, plain paper, card stock, transparencies, recycled paper, preprinted, bond paper, envelopes, and labels. It enables you to do duplex printing.

2. Speed

Samsung SCX-5935FN really works rapidly with a print speed of 35 ppm, copy speed of 35 CPM, and modem speed for fax-in 33.6 Kbit/s.

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3. Resolution

The maximum resolution for printing is 1200 x 1200 DPI, and so is the maximum resolution for copying. However, you can resize the document during copying from 25 to 400%. For scanning, its optical resolution is 600 x 600 DPI, and its maximum resolution reaches 4800 x 4800 DPI. Connectivity

To scan documents, you can send the file via USB, FTP, or email. For other purposes, you may connect this multifunction printer with other devices through USB, LAN, or ethernet.


Optimize your productivity in carrying out office tasks with the Samsung SCX-5935FN driver. The brilliant features inside this device definitely let you utilize it easily and efficiently.