Loki Episode 2 Theory Time-Keepers Are A Lie


Loki Episode 2 Theory Time-Keepers Are A Lie

Loki Episode 2 Updates: In Loki, the mercurial villain resumes his role as the God of Mischief. Following his escape with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, Loki finds himself on a strange planet and is quickly arrested by the TVA agent Mobius.

Renegade variation spreading havoc across the Sacred Timeline, and Loki is being treated as a mystery. Is it conceivable, though, that the show’s true villain is hidden in plain sight?

Loki’s debut episode is a flurry of material, new characters, recollections, and discoveries regarding the MCU’s very existence. The agency has labeled the trickster a ‘variant’ since his getaway was not part of the “Sacred Timeline” that holds the cosmos in check. Further revelations suggest that the cosmos was once a true multiverse, but that the many timelines clashed, resulting in chaos.

The Time Keepers, three ancient, mysterious entities with great cosmic power, rose forward in response. This is what Loki is told when he arrives. He is given the option of being destroyed or helping TVA agent Mobius M. defeat another Loki counterpart presently causing havoc throughout time.

Loki Episode 2 Secret Villain

Loki Episode 2

When it comes to the TVA and its Time Keeper past, there’s a lot that doesn’t make up. The organization is murky, ambiguous, and exists outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite innumerable sculptures, paintings, and cartoons proclaiming their magnificence, the Time Keepers are themselves nowhere to be discovered.

In the first episode, Loki makes a significant allusion to Mephisto during Mobius’ introduction sequence. Mobius leads a team of TVA agents to probe a murder committed by a variation in 1549 France. While he’s there, he asks a local girl, who committed the murder, she points to a neighboring stained glassed window depicting the devil in a gruesome manner.

Kang the Conqueror, a comic figure is the other most likely Loki behind-the-scenes villain. Kang could easily be covertly linked with the Time Keepers as he is a Time-Traveling imperialist, and putting him up in Loki may make sense for future events.

Is Kang the mastermind behind the Time Keeper’s nefarious plot? As Loki’s journey progresses, more of the mystery will be revealed.

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