Minecraft Fan Discovers Secret To Creeper Skin


Minecraft Fan Discovers Secret To Creeper Skin

Minecraft Updates: A Minecraft Geek player made an unlikely discovery that the original Creeper’s texture was just a leaf block’s texture with a face on it.

An analytical Minecraft fan made an unlikely discovery, finding out that the original Creeper’s texture was actually based on the regular texture of a leaf block. This has to be one of the best Easter eggs in the game, although it’s far from a surprising discovery that’s been made to the beloved game.

The player who found out the discovery of leaf block presented that the game’s End crystal hides a secret that has been hidden in plain sight for years now without anyone noticing it.

According to the gamer, the symbols on the crystal’s six sides form the word Mojang, which is the name of the studio in popular sandbox title. Not only that but the letter “O” is designed in such a way to represent the old logo of the studio, which was changed in May last year.

For the gamers who go by dead-5775 on Minecraft’s Subreddit, the original Creeper texture was just a block of leaves reused to create a new mob with an added face to it. The assumption was been confirmed by superimposing the mob’s texture over the leaves in the game.

The player also stated that both of them were extracted from the Legacy version of Minecraft Lava Edition. It is common knowledge to those who play Minecraft that the mob owes its existence to a mistake made by Notch, who accidentally swapped the axes for pig’s 3D model, which then resulted in a curse with a long body and tiny legs.

Minecraft Creeper Skin


The new evidence of Creeper’s origin in Minecraft most probably indicated that creatures were supposed to be living plants, camouflaged into the environments by hiding themselves in the vegetation.

But it can be confusing that how the interpretation of Creepers can be used to justify the recent mod that makes the iconic monster blend in the environment. Simply as each major biome of the game has received its own unique version of Creeper; that includes snow, stone, sand, and many other variations.

Before the venture of Mincecraft with Microsoft, it was a well-known Indie game and the community has been reminded of the fact by recent discoveries of the secret of Creeper skin, which justifies the popular title was created through trial, error, and easy solutions like constant texture reuse.

Minecraft to this day continues to be a decade-old product at its core in almost every aspect. And who knows how many secrets are yet to be unlocked, which will keep this game alive for a long time.

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