Among Us Reimagined As PS1 Survival Horror Game- Daily Research Plot


Among Us Reimagined As PS1 Survival Horror Game- Daily Research Plot

Among Us Updates: One of the Among Us fan has re – remained the game in the old school style of PlayStation survival horror and their gameplay teaser was spot on.

The latest Internet gaming grazes, Among Us is seen going old school thanks to one of the fan’s nostalgic recreation. Even though the online multiplayer gaming channel was unimaginable back in the days of the PlayStation in 1994, but the re-imagining of Among Us for console feels authentic.

Among Us has grown onto the gaming audience and has become a global phenomenon in the gaming world especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. Innersloth released the game in 2018, but it soon turned out to be a massive hit after several streamers played the game together and gained traction.

The mix of sabotage, trust, and mistrust makes this game unlike any other. Among Us recently has seen a flood of new content from Innersloth, including new crewmates colors, maps, and other cosmetics.

Among Us Horror Game

Among Us

The game was yet again The talk of the town when One fan, Youtuber Wooden Turtle, who couldn’t wait for Playstation to launch something exciting with Among Us, on his own created a teaser for the game in the survival horror style of the PlayStation.

The teaser featured mid-90’s graphics, Playstation introduction, and a sample of gameplay. The online multiplayer would not have been possible in 1994 as there would be no other players to interact with or deceive. In this scenario, the player is made to complete tasks such as uploading files, connecting wires, and dumping the trash.

The gameplay also featured areas such as Cafeteria and Admin office which is the usual place to die or to be backstabbed, Players could feel that one reading this.

But despite that, the teaser does feature crewmates and Impostor. The teaser shows another teammate floating through space, presumably after being ejected, of course, the dreading voting process, once again regulars will know what it means.

Even though it’s far from the original reality of gameplay but Wooden Turtle needs to be applauded and appreciated for his efforts on how they translated a game from 2018 to graphics and controls of the mid-’90s. Even though it’s way more fun to play with friends, trying the figure out who the Impostor is, well this nostalgia trip keeps the essence and the spirit of the game alive.

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