How To Get A Dormitory – Home Decoration


Usually people take their loved ones and relatives to the bedrooms. In the middle class, the bedroom is also used as a lounge. In some houses, people show great maintenance. These people are maids. Less than they clean this room or get the bed wiped by themselves. Women make the bed sheets themselves, they also wipe the bed sheets, but do you spread DUVET on the bed sheets and make your mattresses? They also protect bedding or bedding and brightly colored sheets.

These are the things that are usually overlooked. The women, with their floral and geometric print sheets from the market, spread a set of pillowcases on the bed and think that this room has been decorated for the first time.

If you want to protect your sheets from becoming ugly, you must spread Bed Spread on them and never let the washerman to wash the sheets. They wash the sheets in the old-fashioned way by washing the sheets only after two washes. Your beautiful sheets lose their original color.

It is good to wash the sheets in the washing machine.
Pillow washing
It is a common belief that pillows cannot be washed. If they are made of fiber, they can be washed in a washing machine. Pillows must be washed to avoid allergies and hair diseases. This is similar to other clothes in the sun. Foam pillows cannot be machine washed, but pillows made of microfiber cloth (a material like cotton wool) can be machine washed. This material is made of synthetic fibers and threads.
It is best to dry dry the rest of the pillows.
In the winter we used to cover the comforters and blankets and now they are being made the decoration of the store. The quilts have been replaced by soft quilts i.e. DUVET. I need soft quilts if the AC is running. Gul Ahmed, Habbit, Chen One and many other home appliance manufacturers in Pakistan are making soft, lightweight and beautifully designed DUVETs.
The designers are also Pakistani and the fabric is also made of Pakistani yarn which is beautiful to look at and very durable in use.
Why is it necessary to wash the DUVET?
It is best to open the windows in the bedroom when the sun is shining and remove the curtains so that the sun enters the room. If the room is well ventilated, there will be no growth of bacteria.
And as far as the importance of washing DUVET every three to four months needs to be understood, know that the dead cells of human skin fall off and spread all over the bed. Sweat enters the neck or other parts of the body. And both beds are affected. Never eat while sitting on the bed until you are weak. Feeling so well in case of illness that you can’t get up and go to the dining room or kitchen.

Before going to bed, sit on another seat in the room and take off your make-up. And especially in closed rooms, it is better never to use nail polish remover, otherwise its smell will settle in the room and this cotton will be used immediately after use. It must be thrown out of the room in the trash.
The use of Multani sheets (khes) is also common in Pakistan but the new generation seldom uses it. It is also adorned with very attractive colors and textures of beautiful threads. After the departure of winter and the arrival of summer these Multani sheets Is used

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