How to increase your energy


Do you have an energy crisis? Most of us feel tired when we wake up in the morning and unless they drink tea, they do not get the energy they should have in the morning. Feeling sluggish and sometimes recovering. Most people work out without energy from morning to noon, but weakness prevails after lunch.
At three o’clock, their condition is such that someone pushes them to work. The result of this condition is that they become irritable and thirst for sleep till midnight. What is the meaning of energy? Energy means that You have the energy in your body, the mind to be active and the desire to work in your heart. It also means that energy is life.

If energy is depleted from one’s body, it will look like a lump of flesh.

Research has shown that although there is a constant increase in energy, there are measures that can be taken to increase energy. Sleep, exercise, excitement and diet are some of the things that affect energy.
Even a slight decrease in sleep can greatly affect our performance. If one hour of sleep is reduced, the performance is reduced by 20%, but the reduction is not limited to one hour only, but continues to happen day after day.
On top of this, people drink more coffee and tea and thus block the path of sleep. Just as lack of sleep reduces strength, so too more sleep increases strength. If you need more sleep, go to bed an hour earlier. But people who sleep for a long time on Saturday and Sunday mornings do not benefit from it. If you go to sleep first and wake up first, you will be awake.

Exercise does not cause fatigue, but creates strength. Sleep benefits many systems of the body, reduces stress, then after exercise, a person feels lighter. According to experts, walking for 10 minutes. And the benefit of running is that we deliver more oxygen to our bodies. That’s how you get a regular workout program at least five days a week.
To alleviate the laziness of sitting, you can also walk up the stairs instead of the elevator.
Our moods and behaviors are related to the chemical components found in the brain. Changes in these chemical components also affect energy. For example, if you face a challenge, your energy increases immediately. , Because you have to face this challenge.
If anxiety and stress last for a long time, energy decreases. If you are optimistic and you have enthusiasm, energy increases. Here are some tips to increase enthusiasm and hope. Are:
Don’t sit alone in your room when you have a heavy workload or low energy. You can talk to your spouse.
You can talk to your best friend. It will strengthen hope, create excitement and bring happiness.
Help someone:
According to experts, the helper’s self-confidence increases and it stimulates feelings of energy and well-being. These feelings release fluids from the chemical components of the brain, which refresh your hopes and enthusiasm. Is.

Think positive:
Negative aspects create depression and considering positive aspects reduces stress. It increases blood circulation and increases energy levels. Energy is not exhausted. Energy is an infinite treasure. Once you have created and awakened it, then spend it in a positive way, so that its level will not decrease.

The car runs on fuel. The car fuel of your body is your food. There are hundreds of types of food. Some foods are better than other foods.
Eat a mixture of starchy foods:
These include wheat, rice, barley, millet, corn, wheat bread and potatoes. They are called “compounds” because they contain nutrients other than starch (carbohydrates).
Get vitamins from vegetables and fruits. Everyone knows that vitamin C is found in juicy fruits and leafy vegetables. Vitamin B is found in brown rice and leafy vegetables. Similarly, potassium and magnesium are found in beans, potatoes, leafy vegetables and fruits.
Steel is found in figs, aloe vera, raisins, beans, leafy vegetables, fish and meat.
Steel carries oxygen to the cells. Eat less fatty foods. Don’t eat fried foods. Don’t eat too much fatty foods. Don’t eat sweets and pastries. Also avoid large amounts of coffee and cola drinks.
Keep an eye on sugar. It is very important to control sugar. Drink less drinks. Eat less sugary foods.
Sugar is pure starch. You are already eating it in your diet, so no more sugar is needed.
Eat foods high in protein for energy. Proteins are also high in fat (such as lean meat) and low in fat.
Eat low-fat proteins. Eat more white meat (fish and poultry, or wholemeal meat), and low-fat cheese.
Avoid over-eating milk and yogurt.
The result of all these measures is that you can increase your energy by following them. For those who do not know them, these are secrets and for those who do know, there are realities. These are the secrets of your body and soul. The keys to the machine. Their food is youth, half

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