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It is said that laughter is the cure for grief and smiling all the time does not end the problems and worries, but their intensity does decrease and the person becomes so motivated that he can easily overcome these difficulties and worries. According to the person, those who do not have any problems in their life cannot live a happy life, but those who live a happy life in spite of difficulties and problems.

Laughter therapy is very important in many developed countries and is being used as a treatment. A party is organized for this, in which a few friends are invited.

They tell jokes to each other and laugh heartily at them. Anyway, laughter is called contagious, that is, if we see someone laughing, the reason is not known. Yet we also start laughing.

To better understand the effects of laughing and smiling on human mood, an interesting experiment was conducted in the United States, in which participants were divided into two groups. Participants in one group were made thicker than a cotton swab. A stick was given and asked to hold the stick with their lips, while the participants in the other group were given the same stick, but were told to press the stick between their teeth. ۔
Pressing the stick to the lips caused the participants’ faces to be spotted, causing tension in their facial muscles, while those who pressed the stick under their teeth had to open their mouths more, just like that. Like laughing, our calves open.
To better understand this experience, try holding a pen between your lips.
You will feel that the muscles of your face are tensed by this process, while in the second part of the experiment you will press this pen between the teeth. You will feel a clear difference between these two cases. After being bitten in the teeth, participants were given small tasks, such as caring for pets and putting things in their place.
During the experiment, it was found that the participants who held the stick in their lips, had facial muscles tensed.
They subconsciously began to think they were upset and irritated and annoyed during the experiment, while the participants who pressed the stick under their teeth began to feel subconsciously happy and did the same thing with great interest. , Which the participants of the other group continued to feel tired of doing. When the participants were asked their feelings after the completion of the experiment, they were completely different from each other.
According to the participants of the first group, this activity was very tiring, while according to the participants of the second group, they found this activity very funny.
We can conclude from this experience that if we do something with a smile, smile and cheerfulness, the work will be completed quickly and easily and there will be no fatigue. On the contrary, by being serious all the time, mental The tension will increase and even a small amount of work will become a burden.
There are many benefits to smiling all the time, some of which are listed below.
Prevention of heart disease:
Always smiling has a very positive effect on heart health and we can avoid many diseases.
Increased self-esteem:
You may have noticed that people who are happy all the time have a lot of confidence in their personality.
Such people do not panic even in the most difficult situations, but they cope with those situations. This increases self-confidence.
Get rid of the hassle:
Being happy releases a hormone called “endorphin” in the brain, which causes a wave of happiness in the body, which can help us to get rid of worries, albeit temporarily.

Social networking source:
Since man is called a social animal, we not only want to be surrounded by our loved ones all the time, but also to have a good time with them. When we sit with our loved ones in a party and laugh. So it strengthens the bonds, the unity grows and the time goes well.
Laughter also improves the function of various organs of the body, including the heart and lungs.
Laughter gives them plenty of oxygen, so they work better and at the same time strengthen the immune system. In the event of a serious problem, just remember that every problem is temporary. Don’t let it dominate your mind, otherwise it will have a bad effect on your health.
Keep yourself busy to avoid mental confusion.
Engagement is a vitamin for the mind and body. Also, watch comedy shows on television, read satirical books or spend some time in the company of a good-natured friend. Try to be charming.
Laughter can have amazing health benefits and make us feel refreshed and light, so be happy as much as possible and keep the people around you happy too. Look at the little things. Learn to style and avoid fighting.

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