HOW TO BE MONETIZED ON ADSENSE 2021: Google AdSense, YouTube Monetization, Review Process Explained

HOW TO BE MONETIZED ON ADSENSE 2021: Google AdSense, YouTube Monetization, Review Process Explained ___________________________________________________________ Ever asked how and when to earn money from Youtube as well as how to rapidly get YouTube monetized? Ever questioned well how to start earning money by monetizing content on your website, forum, or blog? With the YouTube monetization review process, I will explain how YOU can apply to the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) and start generating advertisement revenue in no time. I’ll be talking about the minimum requirements that your channel needs to have. __________________________________________________________ If you’ve never been accepted before, Google Adsense can be a tricky beast. Put simply, it’s very straightforward to get new websites accepted once you have a domain already approved on Google Adsense. So what about the ones that were never accepted before? How are they able to get approval? ►Good quality writing material that is original is essential: Google is unlikely to accept you if you have replicated or rephrase a bunch of content. It is possible to find Google publisher policies here:… ►Build Loads of Content: Before you submit, the rule of thumb is about 10-15k words on your website. This will help you get your blog accepted because it displays the webmaster’s passion for the project,  and lets Google understand the content’s consistency. ►Build a Page for Privacy Policy: This is a common mistake. In order to be approved by Adsense, you definitely have to have a user privacy link. This reference from Google outlines everything about your privacy policy that you need to have:… ► Make sure that you are more than 18 years old ►Making it look good on the website. Think from a visitor’s point of view, is the website visually appealing? ►Ensure your website doesn’t contain any of the following: (read the publisher policies):… ___________________________________________________________ ► Website: ► Article Link (Written by me):… ► Business Email: ► YouTube Channel: ► Facebook Page:… __________________________________________________________ #youtubemonetization #AdsenseReviews #smallyoutuber ___________________________________________________________ AdSenseProfits Pro, AdSenseProfits Pro review, AdSenseProfits Pro bonus, AdSenseProfits Pro review & bonus, AdSenseProfits Pro bonuses, AdSenseProfits Pro course review, AdSenseProfits Pro demo, AdSenseProfits Pro preview, AdSenseProfits Pro training course, Google Adsense training, Google Adsense course, Google Adsense discount, Google Adsense 2020, Best google adsense training, Best google adsense course, best adsense training, best adsense course AdSense Engine Review, AdSenseEngine Review, Ad Sense Engine Review, AdSense Engine Reviews, AdSense Engine Review Bonus, AdSense Engine Review and Bonus, AdSense Engine Review and Bonuses, AdSense Engine Demo, AdSense Engine Bonus, AdSense Engine Bonuses, AdSense Engine, Buy AdSense Engine, Get AdSense Engine, AdSense Engine Tutorial, AdSense Engine Walkthrough, AdSense Engine Preview, AdSense Engine Funnel, AdSense Engine OTOs, AdSense Engine Upsells, Adsense Review __________________________________________________________


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