Benefits of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Marketing Advantages for Business Promotion


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms online and can be a very valuable business marketing tool. Posting photos and videos on your business page is a great way to promote and market your business.

The option of using ads further helps with advertising your business page, and the sales function helps with the sales part of the business. As per WP Dev Shed Instagram occupies more than 55% of social network use in the USA, which makes it a valuable asset to capitalize on.

And more specifically, Instagram is the most popular image-sharing social media platform. It creates a great place to visually connect and engage with the audience. The benefits of marketing on Instagram are plentiful, and we will go through some of them.

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Being free to register and use, Instagram is one of the best and most effective ways to increase brand awareness. Although it takes time to develop connections and a network, further increasing brand awareness, it is highly beneficial to the brand since it is very low-cost.

To utilize Instagram’s huge user database and increase brand awareness, you must produce high-quality content that will catch attention. It is commonly known that brand awareness positively influences customer buying patterns.

2. Increases Website Traffic and SEO Ranking

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Increased social media presence yields an increase in website traffic. Additionally, your search engine ranking increases the more media shares are received.

Statistics show that more than 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one business page. With that in mind, generating traffic to your website is very important to increasing SEO rankings.

3. Provides Better Audience Insight

Knowing your audience helps improve the product and further increases sales for your business. Various online tools help with getting insights like language, age, gender, etc., about your audience, and Instagram is probably one of the best for that purpose.

With all this knowledge, better campaigns can be designed, and more relevant product offers can be created. This is more beneficial for small businesses since they have less marketing funds. Also, Instagram provides a way to reach out to customers and learn more about their preferences.

4. Saves Time

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Using Instagram for your business marketing provides a database of millions of potential customers in the form of Instagram users. Instagram also has the possibility of curating your campaigns to certain demographics.

With all the possibilities that Instagram offers, you can save time and invest it elsewhere, which is very important to a small business.

5. Increases Sales

Increasing customer engagement provides more opportunities to increase sales. Social media, in general, can help to promote your business and increase sales. If your brand has a large Instagram following, you are more likely to have more sales.

In simple mathematical terms, having more followers means having better reach and brand awareness, which further means a higher chance of increasing sales.

6. Use New Features Early

Instagram, as well as other social media platforms, prioritize and reward early adoption and use of their newest features. This is the case with Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels provide a really good rate of growth to Instagram pages.

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Reels are easy to create and benefit from. The way reels are pushed towards users guarantees relatively high reach. Reels are displayed both in the feed and in the suggested section. Utilizing Reels increases your following and brand awareness, which also can increase sales.

7. Redirect Traffic To Owned Channels

Although Instagram offers the possibility of sales directly from their app, a better way of using Instagram is to increase brand awareness and funneling customers to your channels like your website. The more customers know about you and your brand, the more likely they go to your channels to complete the purchase.

With its awesome ad features, Instagram allows you to redirect your community to your website or other channels.


Using Instagram to market your business is beneficial to all businesses, especially small ones. This is because there is not much cost associated with Instagram marketing which allows small businesses to invest that money elsewhere.

It is essential to build a connection with your audience and followers to gain their trust and grow brand awareness. With the trust of your customers and audience, you will be able to use Instagram to promote your products and services to increase sales.

The above-listed benefits are a great starting place to figure out the importance of Instagram marketing for small businesses. Roughly 3.5 billion people use social media, and a large number of them use Instagram, which makes it one of the largest markets to promote your business.

Maintaining and improving your image and brand on Instagram solidifies the bond with customers since it is proven that people enjoy being connected with the brands they love through social media.

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