Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales In 2022 [5 Tactics For Improving Online Business]


One of the best reasons why eCommerce is so successful is because it’s online. Now that sentence may seem painfully obvious, but it also means that all your resources are also in one spot.

With old-school physical commerce, you had to rely on a multitude of factors that were all distant from each other and had to be managed separately. If you wanted to track the conversion rate of that marketing method, you needed to be on-site and see how many people walked by and turned to your shop. Or, if you run a magazine with subscriptions by letter, you had to read each and every one of those handwritten letters to determine where your product was popular.

But if you want to succeed in eCommerce’s competitive scene, you need both great tools and strategies. Ecommerce grows every day, and here you can read about some trends that will shape the industry.  So to further help your business grow, here are the best eCommerce marketing strategies to boost sales In 2022.

1. Use Powerful Plugins

If your online store is based on WooCommerce, then you can take advantage of some amazing plugins. With WooCommerce Order Export, you can just take the already inputted data and automatically convert it into a comprehensible table.

WooCommerce Order Export

Imagine the hassle you’d have to go through just to ship your products internationally, but with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping these kinds of tools are all concentrated on your device and can help you manage your business.

It also allows you to set different shipping prices based on cart contents, quantity, weight, and more.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping


2. Focus On Creativity

When it comes to marketing strategies, quality is key. While you might find some moderate success with a massive marketing campaign, in the long term, your customers may view you as a spammer. So, instead of trying to focus on creating the best marketing content possible.

Try to personalize emails to better connect with your customer. And make sure your other content is interactive so that your customers feel engaged. The more creative your approach to marketing, the bigger the chance that you will retain your customers. This does mean that you’ll need to invest more time in producing quality content, but it will pay off financially, and you’ll gain a good reputation.

3. Don’t Let Your Customers Forget About You

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Engagement with your customer is crucial when it comes to customer retention. It’s widely understood that customers that stop interacting after a while can be considered lost. So having occasional interactions with your customers through emails or social media might entice them to return to your website.

If your retention efforts are public, then you can appeal to both old customers with fresh deals and new customers who could use your products. By reactivating customers, you guarantee profit as they are more likely to go through with their purchase as opposed to newcomers. In general, it’s better to have a loyal few than a constant change of customers.

That’s because, with an already loyal core demographic, you can have guaranteed income and extra space for potential newcomers. But if your cater to quick and one-off customers, you’re basically at constant risk of failure.

4. Find Brand Advocates

The best type of marketing by far is customer marketing. No ad campaign can be as effective as a good honest recommendation. That’s why you should put maximal effort into finding your brand advocates online. (From social media influencers to high-budget video essay producers on Youtube).

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If your brand is represented by someone who genuinely likes it and whose audience is your target demographic, your profit margins can only go up. There are so many products, games, and services that literally have minimal marketing, and yet their communities are massive. And it all comes from word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore working with reputable brand advocates is imperative.

5. Utilize Gated Content

In the world of eCommerce, everything can be marketed. But not every market requires money to trade. Don’t be afraid to give something to your customers in exchange for their information.

Most customers have little to no interest in giving their email or other contact information. So if you offer them a little enticement for their contact, you basically gain a new potential customer. Everyone loves free things, but that doesn’t mean you need to hand over your full products. Instead, you can share your promotional materials, discounts, guides, and other nicknacks that support the products you actually want to sell.

And the best enticement of all, in exchange for their email, give your customers free delivery. People love free deliveries, and the impact on your business will be minimal.

6. Collaborate

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And finally, one of the strongest marketing methods out there is collaboration. By collaborating with other businesses or influencers, you guarantee yourself new customers, and they receive a new platform from which they can grow.

This especially works with social media influencers as they don’t have the background resources to build stores for their merchandise. And you, as an eCommerce business, may use their Intelectual Property in exchange for your services. That way, both of you profit from their audience while you get to promote your other products on the side.

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