Smallest WLAN Printer Samsung ML-1865W Driver Review


Do you look for an environmentally friendly printer to support your home office? The solution is the Samsung ML-1865W driver. This printer is well-known for its energy efficiency.

Another great thing about this printer is it’s less noise which is good for the work area as well. Here are the features and specifications.

Features of Samsung ML-1865W Driver

1. No More Cable

Samsung created a powerful printer with wireless capability. It uses the Wi-Fi setting, so you can say goodbye to the long cable, which has become a conventional one.

It also allows you to bring it anywhere without worrying about not getting the cable connection. It’s great as a mobile printer.

2. Pretty Design

For some people, design is a feature that shouldn’t be ignored. It was made from glossy matt plastic. Each slight is curved, so it’s more elegant.

There are two buttons for set up on the top right side. Since it’s made from plastic, it’s lighter, but at the same time, it’s not easily damaged.

3. Easy to Set-up

Setting up the printer is very simple since it’s wireless. The buttons on the printer are power and wireless connection only.

As the printer is on after the power button is pressed, the next is wireless set-up which needs to press another button. The connection is quick and done automatically.

4. Good Engine for Best Printing Quality

Hands Working on Network Graphic Overlay Banner on Desk

This part featured the 1200dpi as its engine. When you see the result of printing, the text comes out well. It’s not too light or the otherwise. Every character printed is crisp.

You won’t see any signs of toner spatter too. You can say goodbye to the unwanted dust on paper too.

Specifications of Samsung ML-1865W Driver

1. Great Speed

Printing at High Speed on Offset Machine Label Rolled Up Printing Out Group of Objects Merchandise

For the monoprint mode, the speed is up to 18 ppm. If you print more than two papers in a single mode, the first page will come out in 8.5 seconds. The strong performance of this Samsung ML-1865W Driver is from the simple OK from the dialogue. It starts immediately without any minutes of waiting.

2. Connectivity

There are two connectivities in the user’s choice. The first one is wireless which becomes the main purpose of the printer. It connects easily like a router.

The second one is a USB for the conventional user or when you don’t get a Wi-Fi connection to print out.

3. Compatibility

There are several types of operating systems that support the printer. It starts with Windows XP until Windows 11 64 bit.

So far, it also supports Linux users and Mac X users. However, it’s greater when you use the latest version for each operating system.

4. Weight and Dimension

It has 341mm width, 224mm depth, and 184mm height. The design isn’t the smallest compared to other printers, but it’s tiny enough as a portable driver.

The weight is just 4.2 kg which allows you to bring it to support your productivity.

5. Power and Performance

When it’s printing, it consumes about 350W. For standby mode, it’s only about 4W, which is less energy. The great performance is supported by 64MB internal memory, 375 MHz frequency of the processor, and less noise. It only has less than 50dB while printing occurs.

6. Paper Handling

An Overhead View of Businessman Taking Paper From Printer in the Office

The tray can hold the input paper up to 50 sheets, while the output is 100 sheets only. The maximum paper size is just A4 with 210 x 297 mm. However, you can use many kinds of paper from plain labels, envelopes, recycled, pre-printed, and bond paper. The maximum duty cycle is 5000 paper.

Samsung ML-1865W driver is a one-touch device that is easily used by everyone. From working mode into home office style. It’s a perfect device since it works well for busy operations.

Get one of these printers and enjoy every feature and specification in it.

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