Health Tips for Pregnant Women


Becoming a mother is the most important event in the life of most women. Every pregnant woman wants her unborn child to be healthy and not have any birth defects in it. There should be no complications or discomfort and the process of motherhood should not cause any problems for her. The health of a woman during pregnancy depends on her pre-pregnancy health.
Therefore, pre-pregnancy health requires special care. In order to achieve a successful pregnancy, it is only recognized that pre-pregnancy and pre-pregnancy health play an important role in this regard. ‘Which can have a bad effect on pregnancy’ should be reviewed in advance and understood.

Arrangements should also be made to fix them.

The following precautions should be taken before planning a pregnancy.
Before getting pregnant, a woman should get enough food as pregnancy requires a lot from her body. A woman should not be deficient in protein, iron, calcium, folic acid or any vitamin. If there is any deficiency, It should be removed.
The economic situation should also be considered.
Because pregnancy, maternity and childcare require additional costs. Women should also be psychologically ready to become mothers. If a woman is not mentally and emotionally ready and stable, then pregnancy, motherhood and child rearing can cause physical and mental stress for her.
A woman should not suffer from infectious diseases.
Especially AIDS, Hepatitis B, Measles, Malaria and Syphilis etc. Because these diseases can be transmitted to the baby and can cause physical or mental disorders in the baby during the birth process.
A woman should abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, too much coffee, tobacco and drugs. All such things should be given up completely before getting pregnant.
They should also be avoided completely during pregnancy.
If a woman has diabetes, her blood sugar levels need to be strictly controlled before and during pregnancy. Insulin injections should also be taken if needed. Elevated blood sugar levels can prevent or adversely affect pregnancy.
If a woman suffers from high blood pressure, it is also important for her to control it with appropriate medication.

If a parent or close relative has a genetic or hereditary problem or has had such a problem during a previous pregnancy, it is important for the woman to seek genetic counseling and be aware of the risks. May occur.
Measles (German Measles) can cause problems in the baby. It is important for a woman to take preventative measures before becoming pregnant.

It is important to get a tetanus injection before pregnancy to prevent possible adverse effects on the mother and baby.
Hepatitis B and AIDS can be transmitted from mother to child. A woman with any of these diseases must be aware of the dangers she faces. If a woman has AIDS, pay special attention during pregnancy and childbirth. Need
Hepatitis B can be prevented by giving an injection of the hepatitis B vaccine.
Who needs pre-pregnancy precautions?
For some women, medical advice is more important before planning a pregnancy because they pose a greater risk to themselves and their unborn children. These include the following women:

Women over the age of 35 and this is their first pregnancy.

Women who are fat.
Women who suffer from malnutrition such as anemia.
Women who smoke or drink or are addicted to drugs.
Women who have a chronic illness need to be treated before planning a pregnancy. If they have diabetes or hypertension, they should be thoroughly examined.

Those women are infected with measles, malaria or any other virus. It is important to get treated before planning a pregnancy.
Women who have now given birth to a normal child. If the child born as a result of a previous pregnancy is now normal or one of the parents has a genetic defect or close relatives have a genetic defect, then Careful inspection and check-up is required.

Extreme caution is needed if women who have had multiple miscarriages have had previous miscarriages in the form of repeated miscarriages or have now given birth to normal or physically or mentally handicapped or stillborn babies. So plan for a successful pregnancy on a solid basis and get regular medical check-ups so that no problems arise.

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