4 Proven Ways to Engage Your Current Instagram Followers


Getting new followers is always great, but you should never forget about your existing Instagram followers. In many ways, your existing followers are also your marketing channels.

When they share your content and engage with it, you end up reaching more and more people. When this happens on a considerable scale, you would be getting the results that an influencer marketing agency could offer.

Today we will talk about a few proven tactics and strategies that help you engage with your existing followers. Engagement will be much more effective and efficient with these tips and ideas.

1. Host Giveaways

Giveaways are the easiest way to engage with your present instagram followers. In giveaways, the audience also has a stake in following your content. On top of that, an Instagram giveaway picker makes the entire process smooth and seamless.

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Giveaways need not be of the same kind. If you are a consumer brand, giveaways can be very simple. All you need to do is choose a few products that you are ready to give away and host a competition for the same. For brands that do not focus on consumer goods, giveaways can be trickier.

However, there are many things that you can do. For example, you can offer curated content as giveaway prizes or offer them a new experience. When you have partners and collaborators, organizing such giveaways becomes easy. Even when you are on your own, coming up with something innovative need not be very difficult.

2. Live Streams and Real-time Interaction

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone craves real-time interaction. Fortunately, Instagram has a great tool that makes it possible. With Instagram live videos, you get to interact with a large number of people at the same time.

It is different from when you schedule Instagram posts since you have to be actively present in live streams. On top of that, Instagram also lets you collaborate with other creators in live videos. Live streams will be even more successful if you have the right partner.

While organizing a live stream, it is very important for you to offer something new with each stream. If you do and say the same things, people will eventually lose interest.

However, fresh ideas and content will always keep your existing followers hooked. On top of that, live streams can be a great way of hosting fun events and competitions – and we will get there in our next point.

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You can even lead attendees to your website, where you can track them using website visitor tracking to understand their interactions on your website. This data can further be used for better website optimization.

3. Host Events and Contests

When you host an event on your Instagram, you are incentivizing your followers to invest their time and effort. For that reason, it is very important to make your contests interesting and include an attractive prize. If there is nothing valuable at stake, people will not be interested in entering the contest.

During events, your followers get the chance to experience the community that you have built through your Instagram presence. Your contests should always focus on this community emotion. You can notify all your followers about these contests through Instagram DMs, which will further improve your engagement.

Events are also a great way of bringing together giveaways, polls, surveys, live streams, and so on. They give your followers a complete experience of what it is to be a part of your Instagram community. If you add an attractive prize with it, the stakes get even higher.

4. Collaborate With Other Creators

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Nothing is better than collaborating with a brand ambassador or influencer if you want to keep your existing followers hooked. Collaborations also open new avenues for you to get followers. On top of that, your audience also gets a chance to enjoy content from two sources instead of one.

Once you shoot regular events with other creators, the excitement around your channel grows. It ends up working better than most Instagram growth services.

Final Words

By following these four sets, you can easily engage with your existing followers. To take it a notch higher, check out Ainfluencer – an online platform that connects you with top influencers and takes care of all your influencer marketing needs.

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