Younger Season 7 Episode 12 is Already Airing On Paramount

Younger Season 7 Episode 12 is Already Airing On Paramount

Younger Season 7 Episode 12 Updates: One of the American Romantic Comedy dramas is Younger, which is based on  Younger, written by Pamela Redmond Satran. It was created by Darren Star. It has a 7.8 rating on IMDb.

Release Date

Younger season 7 was first aired on 15 April 2021 and last is airing on 10 June 2021. The eighth episode of season 7  aired on 10 June 2021. It has a total of 12 episodes. This season is streaming on Paramount+ Network.

The cast of Younger Season 7 Episode 12

Younger Season 7 Episode 12 Reviews

The starring roles of Younger Season 7 Episode 12 is similar to the casting of season7. Sutton Foster will join as Liza Miller, who is 40 years old and the show’s protagonist and a divorced mother. Nico Tortorella will play the role of Josh, who is a tattoo artist and 26 years old. Debi Mazar will act as Maggie Amato, who is a lesbian artist and Liza’s best friend come roommate. 

Molly Bernard will join as Lauren Heller, who is Kelsey’s 20 something friend. Peter Hermann will join as Charles Brooks, who is head and heir of Empirical press. Hilary Duff will act as Kelsey Peters, who is a book editor at Empirical Press and 26 years old. 


The trailer for season 7 has already been released. It is available on YouTube and other platforms also.


It is the story of Liza Miller, the character which is played by Sutton Foster. She is a 40 years old divorced mother and the protagonist of the show. She was deeply willing to get back into the working world but it was quite out of the question at her age. 


With the hard-working nature of her and her convincing younger looks, she got a job on a bar with a 20 something guy. She got the job with the help of her best friend named Maggie Amato. Her job is the assistant of temperamental Diana.

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