Xbox Series S Launch Date, Price, Features

Xbox Series S Launch Date, Price, Features

Xbox Series S Updates: Xbox in February introduced a new feature for the Xbox Series S and Series X called FPS Boost. It allows some of the backward compatible Xbox One games which ran on 30 frames per second and will now run at 60 fps in some cases and 120fps for the new consoles. These developments are done in-house by the Xbox hardware group.

A few weeks back, Microsoft also announced that 74 new games would get the fps boost, including games like Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Recore, and Alien Isolation. The tally so far has reached 97 games across Series X and Series S with fps boost enhancement.

With this development now the user will be able to play the older titles at the frame rates they were never meant to this is just astonishing. In gaming, Frame Rate is everything, and the Xbox series S and Series X have been launched in November which have now the added boost to their fps on which games could be played now at 120 fps.

A thing to note is that if the game does not provide at least 60 fps it’s no fun playing it. Games running on 60 pfs look much more smooth, enhanced, and pleasing. After you have experienced 60 fps gaming and got a hook of it and switching back to 30fps is a dull experience, to say the least.

Xbox Series S Price

Xbox Series S

Earlier therefore users refrained from getting the Xbox Series X due to its limits on frame rate, though there were a handful of games that were optimized like Series S and ran of 60fps it wasn’t enough, thanks to the huge influx of FPS Boost the games of the series S will be optimized.

But there are limitations to this as sometimes games get a 60fps patch on the Series X, but not on the Series S. The Outer Worlds and Wreckfest both now run on 60fps on Series X but still max out at 30 fps on Series S.

This is mainly because of the graphical difference between 12 teraflop GPU in Series X and 4teraflop in Series S, so in order to get more games running on 60 fps on Series S without using FPS Boost there is still room for improvement for sure.

So if you are a gamer willing to pay $500 for a console Series X is the perfect choice besides that you can also look for PlayStation 5 as an option too. However, Series S is also a great alternative.

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