5 Tools for Finding, Registering and Managing Domain Names: Get Unique Domain Name Effortlessly


A domain name serves as the foundation for our online businesses and personas, whether for a business, an online application, or a personal blog. Some of us may simply have one domain for a showcase blog or website, but others must handle domain names for customers or various projects.

Regardless of whether you do not yet have your domain, as the Internet grows more prevalent in our lives, having a true home on the web becomes increasingly important. Most of those conventional sites that sell domain names are disorganized, difficult to access, and cluttered with spammy advertisements.

It’s important to utilize HTTPS with your domain, so you must have an SSL or TLS license configured on your site. You may use the WP Force SSL plugin to solve this problem, allowing you to simply monitor and set up SSL. There is a free and paid version of this plugin, the install is simple, and the actions are well guided.

Once you’ve found a domain name that you might and will be using, you’ll need to register or purchase it. Furthermore, and only then, may you proceed with the creation of a website. This procedure might sometimes be a barrier when you want to make your website.

So, in this post, we’ve chosen to identify a set of tools that can assist you in finding, registering, and managing a domain name.

1. Domainr


If you want a convenient and simple domain search, Domainr is the method to go. You could use Domainr API to incorporate strategizing directly into your products. Furthermore, the API is very customizable, allowing you to utilize it as a fall substitute or to supplement the domain query.

Domainr’s database is regularly refreshed to provide real-time availability information about your possible domains. In comparison to certain other domain search services, the query recommendations are quick yet general.

This tool can also assist you in getting an advantage over your competition. The monitoring displays a plethora of data about the site in consideration, including ranking algorithm, incoming links, Digg favorites, and so on.

2. Dofo


Browse over 350 million registered web addresses with this online domain name search tool. Find out more about each, such as its inception and expiry dates. If you need additional ideas, just look at the current trends and popular keywords in domain names. The engine also supports globalized domains in other languages.

Dofo searches domains for purchase and assists you purchase the correct one with one of its registration providers. You may also watch individual domain names to see if an upgrade will help you.

If you want to acquire a domain name, Dofo could save you the time and energy of browsing in three or more various markets, and it can also find domain names for an offer in venues that you might normally overlook.

Dofo also displays pricing in several extensions, which may offer up previously unconsidered alternatives or, at the very least, provide necessary knowledge if you are bargaining a sale.

3. DomainTyper


This tool takes advantage of Ajax to instantly determine the accessibility of a domain. Furthermore, it will strive to generate a “domain hack,” which is a fancy way of stating it will attempt however many country code permutations as possible to match your provided keyword.

Once you’ve found the one you want to, you may buy it by clicking from one of the links given. Moreover, if you’re thinking about creating social media accounts for your business venture, DomainTyper allows users to search for profiles with the same title.

Your Domain Name Search is protected by SSL encryption. The tool provides various top-level domain options, many registrars, and up-to-date registrar fees. Using their user-friendly interface, you may choose your chosen extensions. Keywords are not kept, stored, or tracked.

4. Looka


Looka, an AI-powered design tool that has assisted millions of businesses, has made its Business Name Generator available. It’s a great tool that generates a list of name suggestions, specific keywords, and sectors.

Users may select prospective domain names by limiting word length, obtaining ideas for similar phrases, and rapidly verifying domain and social accessibility. Looka prioritizes its users, employing a unique approach to ensure that names make logical coherence and seem human-generated.

Free Business Name Generator allows users to immediately brainstorm ideas, verify the domain and social media possibilities, and view logo designs all in one place.

5. Domain.com


Domain.com is a well-known domain name registrar. They let you register hundreds of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) as well as all top-level domain name extensions (TLDs).

For domain name research, Domain.com provides a rapid domain search tool. You have access to all of the domain administration features you’d expect from a top domain registrar. Those features are private registration, mass registration, whois privacy protection, quick transfers, free whois, easy DNS control, email account, email redirection, and other extras.

If you have any concerns, you can get in touch with their friendly customer service team by online chat and email. They also offer a large base of knowledge full of useful information.


Nowadays, a domain name is essential. However, finding one might be tough at times. It encapsulates your brand and everything you stand for in three words or less.

Nevertheless, if you would like to improve the procedure quicker, use one of the solutions recommended in this post. Take your time when searching for the appropriate name, as it is not a simple task.

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