The Equalizer Season 2: What To Expect?


The Equalizer Season 2: What To Expect?

The Equalizer Season 2 Updates: Equalizer season 1 gave a spine-chiller ending and has seemed to create a strong fan base, so will there be a season 2 of the EQUALIZER?

Let us get into the updates that follow regarding this nerve-wracking series.


An American drama, crime series which was premiered on CBS on February 7, 2021, is based on the 1980’s series with the same name to it. Queen Latifah, an American vigilante stars in The Equalizer Season 1 as Robyn McCall who is a divorced single mother and plays the role of a vigilante for justice. She’s a former elite operative of the CIA.

Liza Lapira plays the role of Mel Bayani, who is a former sniper and is currently a bartender. Mel’s husband, a character played by Adam Goldberg who is a declared dead hacker named Harry Keshegian. These two are Latifah’s secret collaborators as well as good friends.

Robyn takes down a European crime syndicate known as The Brigada Seven with the help of the Molina cartel. She successfully completes the mission and looks forward to providing a business partnership to Dante, but then she finds out that Delilah has been doing an investigation on her own as and when her daughter confronts her and asks her about the ultimate truth.

Let’s Have a Look  at The Equalizer Season 2 Updates

The Equalizer Season 2

Looking at the performance of the first season and the fan base, around the fourth episode of season 1, the renewal of season 2 was mentioned.

CBS gave the positive signal on March 9, 2021.

Kelly Kahl, the President of CBS Entertainment, said, “The Equalizer has proven more than equal to the task of engaging viewers and racking up wins on Sunday night… We’re extremely proud to see this outstanding broadcast drama, led by Queen Latifah, punch through the competitive landscape and return for a second season.” He also feels that EQUALIZER has long-term potential.

The entire cast of the previous season is expected to be seen on the second season as well. There are no updates on any new casting.

The Sunday night success has led to an expectancy that season 2 might as well be premiered on a Super Bowl Sunday and air through May.

Season 2 will be all about exploring Robyn’s work and also finding out whether her family will be protected by the NYPD.

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