Cruel Summer Season 2 Renewed By Freeform- Daily Research Plot

Cruel Summer Season 2 Renewed By Freeform- Daily Research Plot

Cruel Summer Season 2 Updates: Cruel Summer! Yes! The most highly rated debut show ever is getting renewed. Season 1 of Cruel summer wrapped up in June 2021 and it is confirmed by its showrunner that they have plans to bring in the next season of it.

Cruel Summer is a hardcore psychological thriller drama that shows the incidences on the same dates of three consecutive years. As the name suggests, the story of this drama is expanded from the summer of 1993 to the summer of 1995.

The story spins around the lives of two young girls – Kate (Olivia Holt) and Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia). Kate was a bubbly girl who went missing and Jeanette finds advantage and mistakenly replaces Kate in real life.

The story narration is a spinning point of view pattern. The creator has released the story from Kate’s and Jeanette’s point of view separately. For Kate, Jeanette knew about her abduction but doesn’t report it so she is guilty. But for Jeanette, feels like herself being a victim. The drama advances with weird twists and changes the fame of the two girls completely topsy turvy. Finally, the last episode spills all the beans and brings the culprit into the spotlight. So, what’s left for season 2 is the basic curiosity of the Cruel Summer fan club.

Cruel Summer Season 2: Here are few guesses we could make for our fans…

Cruel Summer Season 2
Tv Series Finale

The story may advance with the Point of View of Media/Reporters or recurring characters

Ya, the story in season 1 had a crucial role for media which took this small town girl’s abduction news to the national level. Skyline, Texas was a town that never ever was heard about by anyone but the media took the crime scene to the next level. This was the reason why even the case reached court. So, we may expect a reporter’s point of view in the next season. Or it may even show up a completely different picture of the case from the Judge’s Point of view, from a lawyer’s Point of View, or from any other character’s Point of view.

The story may show Jeanette’s revenge

Jeanette seeming suffocated while saying words of forgiveness to Kate may arise to take revenge for injustice done against her. She may even gang up with the kins of Martin to destroy back Kate’s life.

The story may bring in all the new characters and a plot

Like Jessica Biel’s The Sinner, Cruel Summer may also transform into an anthology series. Expect the unexpected!

So, this is all that we can guess as of now, and wait for the unveiling of Season 2 of today’s youth’s favorite Cruel Summer, Freeform original.

If you are yet to watch Season 1 then quickly jump next to Freeform or Hulu to watch(only to become a sure-shot fan) Cruel Summer.




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