Sweet And Sour: Netflix’s Film Has A New Trailer

Sweet And Sour: Netflix’s Film Has A New Trailer

Sweet And Sour Updates: Netflix released a brand new trailer: Sweet and Sour. The title of the movie is probably going to justify the plot of the movie well. The trailer gave a glimpse of the movie from the inside, and viewers know what to expect from the movie.

It’s a fact that the brilliance of the movie can be truly judged by the presentation of the movie, the actions involved in the movie. The movie was buzzing around but the trailer dropped and people are waiting for it to release.

Sweet and sour is a south Korean romantic movie, lately created a buzz due to its interesting casting. The lead roles are occupied with Krystal and Jang Ki Yong along with Chae So Bin. The movie began in 2019 to be precise, before that there was news about the cast of the film here and there, the filming also began and wrapped up in 2019 itself.

Sweet And Sour Netflix’s Trailer

Sweet and Sour
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The viewers are eagerly waiting for its release. The release dates have kept on being delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19.

The movie release is getting delayed due to the pandemic but soon it will get released for Netflix users. The plot is pretty much simple. The movie seems to be easy, light-hearted, fresh. If you’re willing to watch something cute and fresh, this s for you. Just like our lives, every day we spent is a miss of sweet as sour, that’s what the movie depicts too. The trailer of the movie was released on 17th May 2021.

The much-awaited movie, Sweet and Sour will be releasing on 4th June 2021 on Netflix as its streaming partner. The movie is for 1 hour 40 minutes.

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