Selling Sunset Season 3 Ranked By Net Worth

Selling Sunset Season 3 Ranked By Net Worth

Selling Sunset Season 3 Updates: Selling Sunset is one of the most popular reality TV shows on Netflix. It shows some major drama and comes up with some jaw-dropping homes of LA. Shows how those rich gorgeous ladies working as realtors. How they have to balance their careers, families, and friends and the shenanigans they get up to.

We can already realize by just watching the series that the cast of Selling Sunset must have been rolling in money. Some have gained wealth prior to joining the show through modeling, acting, and other miscellaneous jobs.

Whereas others working solely for the Oppenheim Group are also doing great. Here’s what you need to know about everyone’s net worth ranked from least to the most :

Let’s Have a Look Selling Sunset Season 3

10. Amanza Smith:  $1 Million

Before joining the squad in season 2 of Selling Sunsetshe was an interior designer. Grew up poor in a trailer park, she had learned how to make things from what she’s got, which helped her in becoming a designer. Also stepped in modeling and cheerleading for the NFL. Her transition in the world of real estate has been smooth since she staged homes for Oppenheim Group before she got her license.

9. Maya Vander: $1 Million

Surely she’s the fan-favorite as she is the least likely to cook up any drama. Maya with a slight accent from her Israeli father and Dutch mother moved to the States in 2002. The 32-year-old has a knack for selling houses. She’s been with Oppenheim Group for three years and is happily married with two children.

8. Mary Fitzgerald:  $1 Million

For fans, her love life is one of the hottest topics on the show. She dated Jason Oppenheim. With Romain Bonnet is her third marriage. Her first husband passed away while the other one simply didn’t work out. She also has a son not much younger than her handsome husband.

7.Romain Bonnet:  Unknown

He used to be a pastry chef in France. Now in the States, he works as a model and most recently, a project manager for Oppenheim Group. We feel he owes a large portion of his success to Mary. Fans are guessing his net worth to be between $1 and $5 million.

6.Davina Potratz:  $2 Million

She shows up as the show’s villain but ironically makes Selling Sunset so addictive to watch. Davina worked as a model all around the world. She started in the real-estate business 14 years ago and is one of the most successful realtors on the market.

5.Heather Rae Young:  $3 Million

Selling Sunset Season 3
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Previously she modeled for Playboy, taught pilates, and did minor roles in several shows. At 27, she decided to become a realtor and is among the richer ladies of Selling Sunset.

4.Christine Quinn:  $2 Million

Similar to other women on the show, Christine came to LA to pursue a modeling career. She too did some minor roles on TV prior to joining Selling Sunset. She definitely knows what makes for entertaining reality TV.

3.Chrishell Stause: $5 Million

One of the central figures of Selling Sunset Chrishell starred in All My Children and Days Of Our Lives. She didn’t work for the Oppenheim brothers before joining the show. Even though she’s not pugnacious like Davina or Christine, but there’s always something going on with Chrishell.

2.Christian Richard: $20 Million

Tech mogul Christian Richard a retired software engineer is married to Christine. If we combine Christine’s net worth with her husband’s, we get an insanely affluent couple. They live in a gorgeous house in Hollywood Hills.

1. Jason Oppenheim: $50 Million

The brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim are the owners of the Oppenheim Group founded in 1889 by their great-great-grandfather. Jason is the richest cast member on the show.

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