NCIS LA Season 13: Kessler sabotages Kensi


NCIS LA Season 13: Kessler sabotages Kensi

NCIS LA Season 13 Updates: NCIS Los Angeles, in short, NCIS LA, will return soon with its renewal season 13. But some comebacks can be a major spinoff as well as a disaster for the pre-existing characters.

David Kessler (played by Frank Military), a typical sociopath who appeared in this season in episode 5 “Raising the Dead” was released from prison before getting the presidential pardon. Afterward, he jeopardized to catch Kensi Byle (played by Daniela Ruah), have sex with her, and finally kill her.

Since then we really didn’t see him as well as didn’t hear about him until the recent episodes. On the other side, both agents Kensi Byle and Mart Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen) are pretty much desperate to have a baby and to start a family. But the dreadful comeback of Kensi’s ultimate enemy Kessler could shatter their plans for an upcoming family.

NCIS LA is an American action TV series, created by Shane Brennan. The series shows two different genres simultaneously which include military drama and police procedural. The first season of NCIS LA was aired on September 22, 2009, on the CBS platform and right now this TV series going to premiere its 13th Season. NCIS LA is a story of an enterprise of the Los Angeles-based Office of social projects.

They are an elite segment of the Naval Criminal Investigate Service that specializes in undercover missions. The long journey of this show was remarkable and has received a lot of positive reviews from the audience and released its 12th  season on May 6, 2020, on CBS. Recently on April 23, 2021, CBS declared about the renewal of NCIS LA Season 13.

NCIS LA Season 13 Theory

NCIS LA Season 13
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Although the sociopath Kessler has sent a threatening postcard to Kensi and all the indications are pointing towards a thrilling entry in the forthcoming season of this franchise.

After the fan-favorite couple, Kensi and Deeks made a decision about starting a new family in the last season, the new season can be a journey for them to adopt a child. But their dreadful job in NCIS is affecting them severely when they are starting the process of adoption.

Above all the issues, nemesis Kessler is going to be troublesome for the couple and will surely pour some water on their plan for adoption!

The actions of the sociopath and how deep their consequences would be are still under the veil. It will be eventually cleared from season 13 of NCIS LA. Surely!




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