Manifest Season 4: SaveManifest Trends On Twitter

Manifest Season 4: SaveManifest Trends On Twitter

Manifest Season 4 Updates: The manifest TV show has aired its three seasons on the NBC platform and fans were warmed up about the renewal. But the high hope has been shattered with the news that NBC has canceled the series. Now the main concern is will this show will happen again?

When the fans are at the peak of their excitement for the renewal of Manifest Season 4, NBC really stopped it from airing on its platform and that news really disheartens the Manifest fans. NBC canceled the new season in June 2021 and the audience is thinking about if Netflix will stream the new seasons of Manifest.

The first two seasons of Manifest are currently available on Netflix and really received a lot of positive feedbacks from the spectators. But, if Netflix is going to stream the renewal or not is under the veil and fans might need to wait up to the official declaration.

It can be expected that Netflix will take the required decision soon and update the news as soon as possible, just like Netflix did for Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV series.

Manifest Season 4 Trending

Manifest Season 4
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The last season of Manifest terminated on a cliffhanger note and it first created craziness among the fans for the next season. But the sudden declaration of NBC has really disappointed the fans and it also affected the creator of the show Jeff Rake.

He shared a post regarding this from his Twitter account and expressed his dismay. He also requested the fans of Manifest to save the show and used a trending hashtag #savemanifest. He is retweeting the fans’ tweet with #savemanifest and he also shared a post addressing NBC, “Good people making bad decisions”.

The rake also tweeted about finding a new platform for the fourth season of the franchise. Previously a few popular shows were saved by the fans from cancellation and Netflix provided them a streaming platform. The creator is really hoping for the renewal of Manifest Season 4 on Netflix.  

Originally there was a total of 6 seasons for Manifest but the TV series was trimmed to 3 seasons only. The channel has canceled the renewal though Manifest has a great fandom and a lot of viewers too. The arrival of season 4 is not a “too soon” moment but fans need to just wait for the renewal and some good decisions.   



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