Lucifer Season 6: Makers teases brand new character

Lucifer Season 6: Makers teases brand new character

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: The finale of season five of Lucifer has come many shocking twists. But they are going to with an entirely new season before the end of the series, the showrunners will might still have to keep some of the big secrets for the goodbye run of the show.

In one of the recent interviews with the TV line the series boss, Joe Henderson has addressed the question of whether or not there will be going to be a new character which is added to the new season of the roster.

Before confirming he said that there is a new character in 6 that was not going to be a part of Season 5 which is a whole new character.”

Lucifer Season 6 New character

Since the show was renewed for its sixth season which will shortly before the start of season five .the showrunners and writers had to rework the finale that they had planned for the latest season for adding a whole season’s worth of added storylines.

Lucifer Season 6 Plot

While this will be going to bring to attention to certain cast members for agreeing to have their characters to be killed off only for realizing that they would have been missing for the season finale, Henderson and co-executive producer Ildy Modrovich have also confirmed that the new season would not be going to feel like an elongated version of the finale that they have previously planned.

Henderson told that It is very much our goodbye season, but as they have started to dig into Lucifer Season 6, they have found a new story they wouldn’t have told before.

They do not want people to think that Lucifer Season 6 is almost like an elongated Act VI, because it is not. It is its own season. It would be getting its own engine. There is a story that they didn’t know they would have to tell until they got to the point they got to, and once they got there and looked around, they realized that there was an entire engine for an entire season worth of storytelling that they are all excited about.

But it might be very much a season of saying goodbye to the show they would have loved.

Modrovich then have also teased the fact of the main story of Season 6 that was not a part of Season 5 at all.

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