Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Is Cancelled?- Daily Research Plot

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Is Cancelled?- Daily Research Plot

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Updates: Jupiter’s Legacy premiered on Netflix on May 7, 2021, amid much anticipation. The program was the first project to come from Netflix’s 2017 acquisition of Millar’s publishing line, Millarworld, which transforms a well-regarded comic by Mark Miller.

Jupiter’s Legacy is about a group of Superheroes who gain superpowers in the 1900s, led by The Utopian (Josh Duhamel) who have been keeping the world safe for nearly a century.

Now their children, which is the next generation of Superheroes have to come forth and live up to the legacy and high expectations of their parents. There will be an epic drama that goes on for decades and cruises the concept of family, power, and loyalty.

After Season 1, Jupiter’s Legacy got canceled on Netflix. According to those who have worked with DeKnight, the project quickly became over budget and behind schedule, with DeKnight, who isn’t afraid to speak his opinion, disagreeing with Netflix over “creative differences.”

One of the major reasons for the cancellation was the poor review, with the series receiving a meager 38% on Rotten Tomatoes. According to THR, Jupiter’s Legacy was hampered by a small budget from the start. Steven S. DeKnight, screenwriter and the original showrunner, has requested $12 Million per episode as the budget for the series, but Netflix cut it down to $9 Million per episode.

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Budget

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2

Jupiter’s Legacy ended up costing significantly more than what Steven S DeKnight had requested. The evidence of Jupiter’s extremely low initial budget simply adds to an already complicated topic.

Certain have criticized Netflix for canceling a show that had a respectable following, despite some statistics that say the series did well in terms of watch time and even made it to the Netflix’s Top 10 List.

The show’s low budget invites even more criticism of Netflix’s treatment of it. The most important thing Netflix should take away from this is that the superhero industry is very competitive.

When you consider that Marvel’s popular Disney+ miniseries has a $20 million per episode budget, it’s easy to see how Jupiter’s Legacy’s low budget hampered its growth.

Unfortunately, despite having a fantastic cast and fans, the program was doomed owing to inadequate financing, executive moves, and staff departures. Fans can only hope that Supercrooks gives the characters and heart of Jupiter’s Legacy a second, better shot.

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