Introduction of Office Printer Samsung ML-2551N Driver


The high performance of the Samsung ML-2551N driver in the Samsung printer lineup is your ideal solution for printing needs. It performs well for busy-printing activities, which allows you to print as many as your business needs.

Here are the specifications and features you need to know.

Features of Samsung ML-2551N Driver

1. Higher Performance

Samsung did the enhancement for this printer to save more energy, so it’s called an eco-friendly printer device. The enhancement makes it a fast-print device with pressed power consumption.

With that, you don’t have to worry about unpredictable costs anymore.

2. Appear as Digital Printer

Since recently there are more printers which flex is a digital one, so does this series. You won’t find any cables now since they used wireless LAN 802.11b to print the documents.

The enhancement for this part is the best one cause it can be placed anywhere.

3. Large Toner Capacity

Home Printer Based on Toner

Toner capacity has a big role in enhancing the printed paper quality. It has 1,100 sheets of paper cassette for the first one, and the second one is 500 sheets.

This innovation leads you to use the printer more conveniently, so your productivity will increase.

4. One-touch Duplex

One-touch duplex becomes the good news of this printer. Samsung ML-2551N driver allows you to print double-sided just using the one-touch button. There’s a certain setting to do this, easily and quickly.

You don’t need to re-print, so you can save more time at your work.

5. Toner Saver

Another great feature that it has is the toner saver option. By turning it on, you’ll save about 40% of toner, so you don’t need to change the cartridges often.

The print quality is still the best. You can save more money.

Specification of Samsung ML-2551N Driver

1. Connectivity

There are two options for connectivity. You can use USB 2.0, which is compatible with many kinds of devices.

The second one is the ethernet 10/100 adapter, which has been their standard configuration. You’ll find it practical for your work.

2. Compatibility

Wide ranges of OS are compatible with this device. It starts from Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT4, Windows XP, Linux to the latest version, and Mac OS up to 8.6 version.

These various options of OS make it a versatile printer.

3. Speed

Hands of Female Worker Folds a Paper Stacks in Typography

This laser printer has great speed and can print about 24ppm. For the first page, it consumes about 12 seconds before faster printing occurs.

It is supported by high resolution 1200 x 1200 dPi, and the result is always clean without shady character.

4. Input and Output

The printer can hold 500 sheets as the input, while the output is about 250 sheets. It’s a very big amount of sheets, that’s why it’s perfect for offices and large-scale businesses.

The maximum duty cycle of this printer is 150,000 pages per month without being over-heat.

5. Paper Handling

There are many kinds of media types supported by this Samsung ML-2551N driver. Besides the plain paper, you can use the labels, postcards, envelopes, and also transparencies.

The maximum print size is about 210x297mm to meet your daily need to print the documents.

6. Performace

You’ll find the performance of the printer is very powerful. The frequency of the processor is 266MHz. It’s twice better than the tiny designed printer that was recently launched.

The internal memory of this driver is 32MB from the factory, and it can be expanded up to 144MB.

7. Dimensions

The printer is quite huge, with 386mm width, 326mm depth, and 436mm height. The weight is also a reason by it’s not portable since it’s 13.5kg. It’s more convenient if you use it as an office printer rather than a portable one for mobile activities.

Even though the body of the Samsung ML-2551N driver is quite huge, people who work in the office tend to choose it. It’s convenient with wireless features, LAN option as the connectivity and also its capabilities for many kinds of personal computers.

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