Consideration to Have Samsung ML-2510 Driver

Having a business needs a powerful printer to save your hard data in documents. The device you could have is a Samsung ML-2510 driver, which is affordable, tiny, and light for your high productivity. Here are the specifications and the features it has inside to increase your work quality in small or large businesses.

Features of Samsung ML-2510 Driver

1. Fast Printing

The great offer from this Samsung printer is fast printing. It’s pretty impressive to save your work time and be more efficient.

When you start the button, it will automatically print the paper without time to wait until it gets the heat. In a nutshell, it supports an eco-friendly campaign.

Top View of a Rubber Stamp Mark Printed on a Recycled Paper

2. Without Reboot

Reboot is an issue that some users face when they turn on the print for the very first time. You can say goodbye to this matter since the installation is very easy, simple, and quick.

When you set up your personal computer, it just needs four clicks then it’s ready to use.

3. Low Maintenance

Some people have an issue with maintaining their driver. It’s normal that we have to take care of the device, but if it’s too extra, it takes our time. Thankfully, this Samsung ML-2510 driver won’t make your headache come. It’s trouble-free with a jam-free system and effortless paper access.

4. Economic

Printing costs a lot if you don’t have proper operation. You need to make it lower so it fits your economy, especially when you’re doing some business.

Bottles of Cash With Coins in Saving Money Concept

This driver supports the low-cost operation by being affordable in the market, fewer issues, and less energy.

Specifications of Samsung ML-2510 Driver

1. Speed

For the speed itself, this product isn’t that bad for the same level as a laser printer. Its speed is about 24ppm, with 8.5 secs needed to make its first page out.

Thus, this printer doesn’t need time to get heat first, so it reduces the power consumption in your office. Though it’s rapid, the quality is good as its original docs.

2. Compatibility

The printer is compatible with a wide range of OS. For Windows, it works well from 2003, Vista, and above. If you use Linux, you can use it as long as it’s Red Hat, Fedora Core, SuSE 9.2, and Mandrake 10.1.

How about Mac OS? It’s compatible too until the latest version of the OS.

3. Connectivity

Unfortunately, this driver doesn’t support an ethernet connection. It only has a USB connection, but it’s quite high-speed with the 2.0 version. Another connectivity is parallel IEEE 1284. The USB one is still the favorite and easier than parallel connectivity. Use Samsung USB for a better connection.

4. Paper Handling

For paper handling, it accepts a wide range of paper sizes. You can use Executive, Letter, Legal, A5, and A4.

The most benefit of this printer is its long duty cycle which is estimated to be up to 20,000 pages a month. The input accommodates 250 sheets, while the output is 100 sheets.

5. Performance

The printer performs well because of the 150MHz processor as its basic engine. The memory of the printer is only 8MB, but it doesn’t create any issues at all. How about sound level? It doesn’t grunt and make noise since it’s just 53 dB while printing and 35 dB in standby mode.

6. Dimensions

Dimensions have become another great thing about this printer. It has 352mm width x 299mm depth x 242mm height. It’s compatible with your narrow space and fits the wall shelf.

The weight is only about 5kg and is very convenient as a portable printer. The media size support 216mm x 356mm.

The function of the Samsung ML-2510 driver is very optimal in its class and price range. As a low-end driver, it’s worth having for your office or any kind of business scale.

It’s easy to set up and use for everyone, low maintenance and has good performance as a portable printer.