How Youtube click-through-rate works All about YouTube click through rate


about optimizing your videos for viewer performance and the first thing up is click-through-rate the YouTube algorithm uses this metric to gauge how good a video potentially is click-through rate is how much are video is Click / how many Impressions it has a high click-through-rate tells you to say something about this video is getting people to click maybe we should show it more and hopes of getting more views and keeping people on the platform so how do we actually improve our click-through-rate one way is with your thumbnail so here is some best practices for getting a higher click-through rate with your thumb thumbnail the first way is to evoke emotion make people feel a certain way when they see your thumbnail to do this use human faces where you can can that display the emotion they should feel when seeing the thumb thumbnail try to get the viewers to empathize and click on.

applies your thumbnails include images emojis maybe even hide a part of the thumbnail to get them to click to see what by tter to lete e deliver on your content you don’t want to just have clickbait content and then not deliver on what they’re looking for or two kind of lie through the content you’ll still want to stand out there a lot of thumbnails on YouTube do you have to actually stand out and put your best foot forward so using bright colours font and mojis a very crisp high-quality thumbnail whatever you can do to stand out from the rest is best so look at the top results of your search research and no down what thumbnails are standing out to you so we can also leverage our titles to get viewers to click from search results and improve our click-through rate click-through-rate some of this kind of overlaps with thumbnails do you still want to evoke emotion and try to Peak their interest with your title you should also look to promise a result of some

what is if you were actually going to get out of clicking on your video you can also use additional descriptive freezing in your title to achieve those things about so if you want your title to evoke emotion but also be clear you can split your title into multiple sections so you might be asking yourself Haley isn’t this just click bait I hear it’s bad well well people don’t like it if your video doesn’t deliver on what the thumbnail and title promised them so as long as you’re content still delivers it is not clickbait it’s just a well-optimized title and thumb nail and I promise you guys this works so how do we know what is actually going to work and what doesn’t well that’s partly trial and error since your audience will be different from others but what you can do is start to look at what videos are performing well for others and see how you can learn from those videos then you want to test different thumb nail styles and different title Styles just to see it where you get athan higher-than-usual click-through-rate so go ahead and look in your analytics what is giving you the best click-through-rate some things also keep in mind is that click-through-rate will actually be much higher on the first day this is just because it’ll be pushed out to your subscribers live a higher percentage Christian cycling on your video and as your video gets more Impressions from being suggested it’s natural that your click through rate is going to drop from being shown so much so look in your click-through rates averaged over the first in d d can p are d the t to compare that to your channel average so let’s remember click-through rate is an extremely important metric for the YouTube algorithm it’s also how much people click forces how often is actually shown you can also prove your clicker rate with your thumbnails and titles by evoking emotion picking their curiosity and making the content of the video of crystal clear you should also be testing on different styles analyzing or metrics and making adjustments where you need to so go ahead and

in your YouTube analytics what is your channels current average click-through rate find videos that are performing better than average and see why that is do you have an amazing time you have an amazing thumbnail does evoke emotion what is happening on the videos on your Channel that are getting a higher click-through rate and then want you guys to test out new thumbnails or duplicate what is already working and your your

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