Flash Reveals First Look At New Costume Logo

Flash Reveals First Look At New Costume Logo

Flash Updates: Director Andy Mushchietti teased a new suit logo for Ezra Miller’s speedster in a new picture from the DCEU’s The Flash. The caped crusader will travel back in time to prevent his mother from being murdered in the twelfth edition of the Warner Bros. comic book saga, only to have enormous ramifications for the future chronology.

Following the commencement of the linked saga, various writers and directors came and went on the project before Mushchietti was ultimately selected as Director, with Birds of Prey novelist Christina Hodson composing the script.

With production now begun, the filmmaker has released a slew of teasers for what fans may anticipate from the movie, and he hasn’t stopped yet. The cast will be continued with Ezra Miller as Flash, Michael Keaton & Ben Affleck as Batman, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Sasha Calle as SuperGirl, Ron Livingston as Henry Allen, and Maribel Verdu as Nora Allen.

Flash New Costume Logo


Muchchietti posted on Instagram a close look at the new logo portrayed in the movie as development on the newest chapter in DCEU proceeds.

It’s a big cry from the outfit seen in Miller’s series debuts with both edits of Justice League, with more in-depth etching for both the white center under the yellow lightning bolt and the surrounding chest region. Check out the post below:

The introduction of a totally new outfit for Flash is sure to delight fans who have been clamoring for the protagonist to get his due on the feature film for almost 30 years. Whereas Miller’s wardrobe in Justice League appeared to be sloppy, the first glimpse at his new outfit suggests that he found a better designer or improved his abilities in the years between the two films.

Whatever the situation may be, it’s exciting to see another DCEU superhero receiving a new outfit for the future. With the Flash’s production allegedly nearing completion and DC Fandom set to reopen in October, it’s like Mushchietti and co. will reveal a lot more about the lengthy feature shortly.

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