Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Preview- Daily Research Plot

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Preview- Daily Research Plot

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Updates: The upcoming American horror series, Fear The Walking Dead season 6 airing on AMC Network. The story of the series is based on ‘The Walking Dead’ which is written by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. The series is developed by Frank Darabont. It has a 6.9 rating on IMDb.

Season 6 Episode 16 of the serial drama has already aired on 13 June 2021. It is between 41-67 minutes. It started airing on 11 October 2020 and concluded on 13 June 2021.

The main starring roles will be returning this season. Lennie James will play the role of Morgan Jones, who is mentally unstable and a ruthless pragmatic man. Maggie Grace will act as Althea Szewczyk- Przygocki, also known as Al, who is a curious and tactical journalist. 

Alycia Debnam-Carey will act as Alicia Clark, who is the daughter of Madison and sister of Nick. Danay Garcia will act as Luciana Galvez, who is a strong and cautious former member of the La Colonia Community. Colman Domingo will join as Victor Strand, who is a smart and sophisticated con man. 

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7

Garret Dillahunt will return as John Dorie, who is a lonesome and friendly police officer. Mo Collins will act as Sarah Rabinowitz, who is the adoptive sister of Wendell. Austin Amelio will join as Dwight, who is a reformed former lieutenant of the saviors.

The trailer of the series has been already released on YouTube and other platforms also.

The plot of the series tells about the beginning events of the Zombie apocalypse. They were attacking the West coast of the city of Atlanta. At the same time, Atlanta was under attack from another force and it was falling apart to save from. One of the characters of the story, Rick, was at the local hospital in a state of coma. The story portrays how fully affected the strain was in the southern part. It was just spreading in California. 


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