Emmett Keeps His Wife’s Dead Body- Daily Research Plot

Emmett Keeps His Wife’s Dead Body- Daily Research Plot

A Quiet Place 2 Updates: In A Quiet Place II, the character of Cillian Murphy, Emmett is the one who has suffered from the loss of his family at the hands of the alien monsters, and his method of coping has involved keeping the dead body of his wife and drawing his son.

His apocalypse experience was arguably more devastating than that of the family of Abbott, which was once his friendly neighborhood companions. The depths of his depression are slowly being revealed in the sequel Krasinski, as the children of Abbott have found remnants of his family all over the compound, literally and figuratively.

In the 2018 movie A Quiet Place, the Abbott family used to live a relatively comfortable life, and have adjusted to the unique sound-oriented dystopia, mourning the loss of the youngest member of the family some months prior.

While the first movie basically focuses on their struggles for just over a year into the after-times, The movie Quite Place II has opened up by revealing their prior relationship with Emmett and his family.

It was not like the Abbotts, the family of Emmett didn’t remain nearly as tight a unit, with Emmett losing his only child the very day of the arrival of aliens and his wife to a slow and painful illness sometime later.

A Quiet Place 2: Draws His Son

A Quiet Place 2

These tragedies have led him to adopt a nihilistic and defeated lifestyle as a recluse until he was shaken from his depression by the determination of Regan. Regan and Marcus both have learned more about Emmett through his late family members who were sometimes in surprising and horrific ways.

Emmett draws the face of his son compulsively; his artwork is strewn about the rail station dwelling for Regan to find when  Abbotts were saved from the near-disaster early on. In a world where technology has been failed, the only pictures of loved ones are the ones people were able to get rescued from their destroyed homes.

Drawings have provided the only way to fix memories in a tangible form. He was drawing his son which is simply a means of preservation and also a way to ensure his deceased son lives on in his memory without fading over time.

It has also demonstrated visually his having not moved on and elegantly establishing his dour psyche which the Regan must overcome in A Quiet Place II in order to save humanity.

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