Avoid Free & Cheap Hosting: Common Problems and Concerns


It is difficult to determine the value of something we can neither see nor touch. This is also the case with good website hosting. It does not have to mean that if hosting is cheap, it is also good. The right choice of hosting is crucial in achieving a stable and reliable website. In the long run, our recommendation would be to avoid cheap and free hosting as it could prove to be a very unprofitable solution. If you’re wondering why we’re bringing you a few reasons to convince you of that.

Reasons to avoid cheap and free hosting

Reduced loading speed

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Let’s say you’re looking for good web hosting suitable for your WordPress site, and you do not want to have too many expenses. You managed to find the right one for you, and after a while, you realize that your site is slow. This is because there is a possibility that others are using the same resources at the same time. Since you share a particular space with others, the logical conclusion is that you have less room to work since you’re sharing a server.

The same can be applied in the case of cheap or free hosting services. And when you decide on a plan that you need to pay extra for, you can be sure that you have more room to work with and dozens of other sites aren’t messing with the server’s speed. Slow page loading also has negative consequences on providing a good user experience.

The destructive impact on overall SEO

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As we have already mentioned speed is one of the items you may have problems with, and it is related to SEO. It is essential to be careful when it comes to site optimization so you can rank higher in the search engines. An actual item that affects SEO is also security. If your site is insecure and slow, Google will find it very difficult to recognize.

In some cases, Google marks such sites as doubtful, which can jeopardize your business. If you choose bad hosting, it will certainly not provide you with all these items essential for SEO. With that in mind, it is better to invest extra money to buy a better hosting plan so that such problems do not occur, which can have a terrible impact.

Customer data protection

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If you’re running an e-commerce store on a cheap server, then you might run into some serious trouble. When security breaches occur, all relevant information about your customers can be made public. As e-commerce policy requires, it is essential to follow specific legal regulations regarding the protection of customer data.

Something that would be fatal for you as an employer is to allow all information to be disclosed, which would result in high fines. And in the end, it could harm your reputation and the trust you have built with your customers.

Limited support

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When you activate cheap or free hosting services, you will encounter limited support. If you experience specific problems, the technical staff in charge will probably not provide you with a solution to the issues. So before choosing free hosting, first check if they have good customer support. Therefore, it is sometimes better to pay a little more to have access to a top service, which would be available to you quickly and at any time.

Security issues

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A common problem with cheap hosting plans is security. Your website is vulnerable to many malicious viruses and similar flaws. If multiple websites share the same server, with a lack of security, it can further compromise the security of your site. Hackers are increasingly attacking just such websites because they are the most sensitive. They can very quickly find “holes” and insert malicious codes that can do significant damage. Unfortunately, you can’t fully protect your server, but you can take specific steps to secure your site further.

Lack of backups

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Your website may crash at any time. This is why the server you are using must provide backup. If your website is stolen or something goes wrong, you may not be able to recover the page if you cannot create backups. And if recovery is possible, it will probably require additional coverage with a certain amount of money.

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