Apple Macs Now Have High Level Of Malware

Apple Macs Now Have High Level Of Malware

Apple Macs Updates: As testifying against an Epic Games lawsuit, an Apple executive admitted to malware being a menace for the Mac.

After years and years of the Mac being the safest computer on the market, it seems like Apple may behave a little problem at hand. Craig Federighi who is Apple’s head of software engineering admitted that the Mac is finding more malware and viruses.

Apple has spent much time and exclusive marketing to make the Mac sitting on a pedestal. Apple has always stated that Macs are more secure than PCs.

Federighi recently stated that Apple has a level of malware on the Mac that they find beyond acceptable. He also said that the Mac had almost 130 different malware variants infections since May 2021, with just one capable of infecting over 300,000 devices.

All About Apple Macs Malware

Some people may think of Federighi’s comments in a humble light.  It is important to understand why there were made in the first place. Federighi stated this when he was to testify against a lawsuit from Epic Games, whose sole aim was to break up parts of Apple so that it doesn’t have much control over its devices.

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Epic stated that the App Store restricts third-party competition for offering on iPhones and iPads.  The App Store is the sole way to distribute apps on Apple, but developers take a 30 percent fee from the profits, and that goes right to Apple. It’s also possible to get games from virtually any website.

Federighi also stated that the iPhone and iPad’s strict policy and nature allow the devices to be as safe. As users can’t install applications outside the App Store, they are not introduced to any harmful malicious products. He also said that the Mac has a big malware problem compared to the iPhone and iPad.

To Federighi and Apple’s malware is seen to be a problem at hand for Mac.

This past February saw malware surface for Apple’s M1 Mac devices, with another incident from July 2020 that allowed hackers to use Google Search to bypass some of Apple’s rigid security layers. Apple knew that malware was a rising problem but the company didn’t state anything about it.

But because of the threat that Epic presented of wanting to break up Apple’s control of the App Store, Apple has responded. It’s a major issue that Apple should be brought up.

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