5 Best Free Ambigram Generators to Design Tattoo and Art


Ambigrams, a fascinating form of word art, possess the unique ability to read the same or a different word when viewed from a different orientation. This captivating style has found its way into various art forms, particularly tattoos. For those seeking to create their ambigrams, there are several excellent free online tools available. In this article, we’ll explore the five best free ambigram generators that empower you to design stunning tattoos and art pieces.

FlipScript Ambigram Generator

1. FlipScript Ambigram Generator

The FlipScript Ambigram Generator is a versatile and user-friendly tool that allows you to create ambigrams effortlessly. It provides a wide range of font options and allows you to customize the style, size, and orientation of your ambigram. Additionally, you can preview your design in real time, ensuring that you achieve the desired effect before finalizing your creation.

2. Ambigram.com

Ambigram.com offers a powerful ambigram generator that caters to both beginners and experienced designers. It provides a variety of fonts, styles, and customization options, enabling you to craft intricate and visually striking ambigrams. The platform also offers a gallery of inspiring ambigrams created by other users, providing a wealth of ideas and inspiration.

3. Ambimatic

Ambimatic is a sleek and intuitive ambigram generator that focuses on simplicity and efficiency. It allows you to quickly input your desired text and generate an ambigram with ease. The tool provides various font options and styles, ensuring that you have the flexibility to create ambigrams that align with your artistic vision.

4. TattooDesigns24

TattooDesigns24 offers an ambigram generator tailored specifically for tattoo enthusiasts. This user-friendly tool provides a straightforward interface, allowing you to input your desired text and instantly generate ambigrams. It also offers a selection of font styles and orientation options, ensuring that you can customize your design to suit your preferences.

5. TattooLettering.net

TattooLettering.net features a dedicated ambigram generator designed for creating visually stunning tattoo designs. It offers a range of font options and styles, along with the ability to customize the size and orientation of your ambigram. The platform also provides a gallery of user-submitted designs, offering additional inspiration for your creations.


6. Ambigram Tattoo Generator

This dedicated ambigram generator specializes in creating designs specifically tailored for tattoos. It offers a straightforward interface where you can input your desired text and customize various aspects of the ambigram, including font style, size, and orientation. The tool also provides options for adding shadows and highlights, allowing you to further enhance the visual impact of your design.

7. TattooFontMaker

TattooFontMaker offers a versatile ambigram generator with a focus on creating designs suitable for tattoos. It provides a wide range of font options and customization features, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your ambigram. The platform also offers the ability to preview your design in different styles, ensuring that you have the flexibility to choose the perfect ambigram for your tattoo.

Tips for Designing Ambigrams

Tips for Designing Ambigrams:

1. Choose Words Carefully

   – Select words that have a symmetrical structure or can be creatively stylized to form an ambigram.

2. Experiment with Fonts

   – Different fonts can drastically alter the appearance of an ambigram. Experiment with various styles to find the one that best suits your design.

3. Consider Symmetry

   – Pay attention to symmetry, as it is a key element in creating a visually pleasing ambigram.

4. Optimize for Readability

   – Ensure that both orientations of the ambigram are easily readable. Adjust the design as needed to enhance clarity.

5. Explore Stylistic Elements

   – Incorporate artistic elements, such as embellishments, shadows, or highlights, to enhance the overall visual impact of the ambigram.


In conclusion, ambigrams offer a captivating form of word art that has gained popularity, particularly in the realm of tattoos and visual design. With the help of these five free ambigram generators, you can embark on a creative journey to design your stunning ambigrams. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner looking to explore this unique art form, these tools provide a user-friendly platform to bring your ambigram ideas to life. Happy ambigram designing!

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