working 100% BIN UTOMIK 2021


Unlike a mobile, there is no GPS to track its location. So, if it is lost outside, tracking it or disabling it online by a remote command is not possible. Of course, you can block the card or get it blocked using phone banking and thus render it ineffective and incapable of being misused. You would need to request for a fresh card as replacement.

If it is in your house and if you have a metal detector, it may give a beep, if it is close enough.



BIN: 537621336xxxxxxx
‣ IP: USA🇺🇸



No. Even if you find it don’t use it. Your card security may be compromised. A smart thief might not exploit the card immediately to be safe from any watching eyes and use it after few days or months, after you locating your card. And you might think that it can’t be used online without the OTP. But the correct answer is yes it can be used. If card details are being added to a platform like Paypal, it may not prompt an OTP because a transaction is not being processed immediately. But later on, payments can be done easily by logging / connecting to the Paypal account, which will not send an OTP but your account will be deducted. Also many other trusted online platforms like Godaddy will not prompt an OTP if you have added and saved the card details before. So once you lose it, immediately block the card by contacting your card issuer and replace it.

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