Why Do You Need A Professional Genesis Coder For Converting Your PSD Design To WordPress?



You will find a lot of PSD to WordPress tutorials online. And each one bets that it will get you covered. But can you really convert a PSD to WordPress theme by following a tutorial or a definitive guide?

The answer is a ‘NO’.

All these tutorials give you a general idea about what is takes to convert a PSD design to WordPress. But none of them dive you into the practical details and design implementation that is required to convert a design into a WordPress theme. With these tutorials, you just get to scratch the surface.

PSD to WordPress is a professional service and you need a seasoned WordPress developer to convert your design into a fully functional website. It needs a lot of technical know-how. You need to be well conversant with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and last but not the least WordPress.

The first step in conversion of a PSD design to WordPress is slicing the PSD. For that, you need to have a good command over Photoshop.

As a next step, you need to create the markup. For this, you need to have a good knowledge of HTML and HTML5 (as of today). You need to learn about the HTML tags, but that’s not all. You also need to know about semantic markup and microdata so that your content is deciphered by search engines in the same context as you want to present.

Once the markup is ready, you will need to dive into the design phase. For designing, you need to be well equipped with CSS. Some basic knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript is a plus.

Having a fair knowledge of HTML and CSS doesn’t suffice. For creating a theme in WordPress, you need to be a master at PHP and WordPress.

You need to have a sound knowledge of:

How WordPress works?

What are action hooks and filter in WordPress?

What are the template tags?

Template hierarchy and conditional tags

How to create a theme in WordPress?

What is functions.php and what is style.css?

WordPress is itself coded in PHP, so to use WordPress you need to be well-versed with PHP.

For a simple PSD to WordPress conversion, you need to learn all this.

Wait, that’s not all!

You also need to follow coding best practices, so that your code goes through W3C validation and works across browsers.

You need to have a fair idea about on-page SEO, so that your website starts ranking in search engines.

You need to have a fair idea about user experience, website performance and caching.

You need to know a hell lot of things.

Are you still interested in converting that beautiful PSD design into WordPress all by yourself?

Even if you say a ‘Yes’, you are not the right person for the job. You need to hire an experienced WordPress / Genesis coder for implementing the design in WordPress.

Just like you need a doctor for medical services and a teacher for education services, you need a professional Genesis coder / WordPress developer for PSD to WordPress conversion services. The WordPress developer is a master at it and definitely the right person for the job.

A WordPress developer is well equipped with everything that is required for converting a design to WordPress. He knows the nitty-gritties of working with WordPress and will always provide you unseen benefits, over and above base implementation of the design. That is why you need a developer.


Source by Shivanand Sharma

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